Tex e il signore degli abissi

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Tex e il signore degli abissi (Italy 1985 / Director: Duccio Tessari)

  • Runtime: 109 min
  • Release Date: 6.9.1985

Also known as

Tex and the Lord of the Deep (U.S.A.) | Tex und das Geheimnis der Todesgrotten (Germany) | Tex et le seigneur des abysses (France) | Tex, o pistoleiro (Portugal) | Tex y el senor de los abismos (Spain) | Tex Willer e os Senhores do Abismo / Tex O Senhor Do Abismo / O Pistoleiro (Brazil) | Tex a pán temnot (Czechoslovakia) | Tex, o aetos tis Dysis (Greece) | Sto nao ton Aztekon (Greece) | Tex és a mélység ura (Hungary) | Текс и змиите (Bulgaria)

Cast and crew

  • Cast (Italian): Giuliano Gemma (Tex 'Night Eagle' Willer), William Berger (Kit 'Silver Hair' Carson), Carlo Mucari (Tiger Jack), Isabel Russinova (Tulac), Peter Berling (El Morisco), Flavio Bucci (Kanas), Aldo Sambrell (El Dorado), José Luis de Villalonga (Dr. Warton), Riccardo Petrazzi (Lord of the Deep), Pietro Torrisi (Quetzal), Giovanni L. Bonelli (Indian shaman, screenwriter)
  • Uncredited actors: Ricardo Palacios (whiskey salesman), Frank Braña (Jim Bedford), Hugo Blanco (Eusebio, Morisco butler), Charly Bravo (Pedro, Dorado gunrunner), Francisco Nieto (Dorado gunrunner), José Canalejas (Aztec under chief)
  • Story: Giovanni Luigi Bonelli
  • Screenplay: Gianfranco Clerici, Marcello Coscia, Dussio Tessari, Giorgio Bonelli, Selma Dell'Ollo, Gianni Galassi
  • Cinematography: Pietro Morbidelli [Cinecitta color]
  • Music: Gianni Ferrio
  • Producers: Enzo Porcelli, Gioacchino Marano


Giuliano Gemma stars as Tex Willer, a western adventurer and Texas Ranger who, while investigating a convoy robbery of guns, learns that an Aztec witchdoctor has a secret weapon to use against the invading Mexicans - a green rock that turns men into mummies! Based on an Italian comic strip.


Hopeless looking attempt to revitalise the western by merging it with elements from Indiana Jones. Only Gemma looks as young as ever. -- by Stanton