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La resa dei conti (Italy · Spain, 1967) is the first of three spaghetti westerns directed by Sergio Sollima.

Also known as

The Big Gundown ( USA) | Der Gehetzte der Sierra Madre (Germany) | O grande pistoleiro (Portugal) | O Dia da Desforra (Brazil) | Luodin laki (Finland) | En Blodig Kniv-Ett Dödande Skott (Sweden) | Un maudit de plus (France) | Colorado (France) | Colorado (Poland) | El halcón y la presa (Spain) | La presa (Spain, working title) | 復讐のガンマン Fukushuno Gunman (Japan) | Sokolov Plen (Yugoslavia) | Velká přestřelka (Czech Republic) | Gringo (working title) | Ajuste de cuentas (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico) | Сдавайся и расплатись (Soviet Union)

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Jonathan Corbett (Lee van Cleef), a bounty hunter, is assigned to follow Cuchillo (Tomas Milian) who has allegedly committed a rape. A rich landowner encourages Corbett, who hopes to help Corbett stand for senator once he has succeeded in his quest. Corbett embarks on a manhunt through Texas and Mexico, staying on Cuchillo's tail. Corbett catches him, and Cuchillo escapes. During the course of the deadly hunt, Corbett's doubts about the manhunt grow. When the landowner shows up in Mexico to put an end to the business, the landowner confirms Corbett's suspicion. Something is amiss and only a showdown will suffice when everything comes to light.


  • Cast (Italian): Lee Van Cleef (Jonathan Corbett), Thomas Milian (Cuchillo Sanchez), Walter Barnes (Brockston), Nieves Navarro ('The Widow'), Gerard Herter (Baron Von Schulenberg), Maria Granada (Rosita Sanchez), Roberto Camardiel [as Robert Camardiel] (Sheriff Jellico), Angel Del Pozo (Shemp Miller), Luisa Rivelli (Willow Creek Prostitute), Tom Felleghy [as Tom Felleghi] (Mr. Miller), Calisto Calisti (Mr. Lynch), Benito Stefanelli (Jess, ranch hand), Nello Pazzafini (Hondo, outlaw), Antonio Casas (Brother Smith & Wesson), José Torres (Paco Molinas), Antonio Molino Rojo [as Molino Rojo] (Widow's ranch hand), Spartaco Conversi (Mitchell, Mexican jailer), Romano Puppo (Rocky, ranch hand), Fernando Sancho (Captain Segura)
  • Additional Spanish credits: Lorenzo Robledo (Dave, pioneer), Barta Barry (older outlaw), Luis Gaspar (young outlaw), Fernando Sanchez Polack (Sheriff of Willow Creek), Alfredo Santa Cruz (Don Serrano, Mexican host), Francisco Braña (Widow's ranch hand)
  • Uncredited & Background actors: Eugenio Galadini (photographer), Monica Strebel (Kate Miller), Lis Halvorsen (Melissa, wedding guest), Raniero Dorascenzi (wedding guest), Manlio Salvatori (wedding guest), Luis Barboo (Widow's ranch hand), Fernando Bilbao (Widow's ranch hand), Santiago Santos (Mike, Widow's ranch hand), José Luis Zalde (Mexican barber), Herman Reynoso (Mormon leader), Maribel Martin (Sarah, young Mormon), Silvana Bacci (party girl), Giuliana Ruffini (party girl), Pino Sciacqua (arresting Mexican, party), Alba Maiolini (old cantina girl), Lina Franchi (cantina girl), Franco Ukmar (cantina brawler), Franco Daddi (cantina brawler), Angelo Susani (Mexican bartender), Amerigo Castrighella (Don Gomez henchman)
  • Director: Sergio Sollima
  • Story: Franco Solinas, Fernando Morandi (see screenplay note)
  • Screenplay: Sergio Donati, Sergio Sollima
  • Cinematography: Carlo Carlini (Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1)
  • Music: Ennio Morricone
  • Songs: "Run, Man, Run" sung by Christy (as Cristy in English credits sequence)
  • Producers: Alberto Grimaldi, Tulio Demicheli
  • Production Companies: PEA, Tulio Demicheli P.C.


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Screenplay note: The screenplay by Donati and director Sollima was based on an original screenplay by Franco Solinas (Quien Sabe?, Tepepa) and Fernando Morandi, and originally took place on Corsica, but was then transferred to a SW setting. In that course the screenplay was altered so much that that (similar to Il Mercenario) Solinas was only named in the credits for the idea.

Versions and runtimes

Runtime: 110 minutes.

  • UK theatrical: 85mins (according to Hughes)

There are at least three versions of the film

  • US theatrical cut (90mins), which was fully dubbed into English
  • extended US cut (approx 95mins, with three scenes that were re-added for TV broadcast: two scenes with monks and one scene with Cuchillo's wife),
  • original 110-minute Italian version (never fully dubbed into English in its entirety)

Version comparisons:

Release Dates

  • Italy: March 4, 1967
  • West Germany: June 27,1967
  • USA: August 21, 1968

Filming locations

  • Tabernas, Cabo de Gata - Almeria
  • Navacerrada, Sierra del Guadarrama (north of Madrid)

Production and business

  • Production companies: Produzioni Europee Associate (PEA) (Rome) and Tulio Demicheli P.C. (Madrid)
  • Production dates: Summer 1966 - ?
  • International distribution: Columbia Pictures and others
  • Current rights owner / distributor: Movietime / Compass Film


The English audio track boasts Lee's real voice, Barnes and Milian also dub their own. There is no dub of the full, uncut version of the film, but aside from the 90min US-theatrical cut, also the slightly longer US extended cut has scenes with English dub as these scenes had been dubbed apparently before it was cut down even further for distribution.


On February 13, 2023, the movie will finally be released on home video in the UK (BluRay).

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