The Desperados

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The Desperados (USA, Spain 1969 / Henry Levin)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
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Also known as

Die Todesreiter (Germany) | La marca de Cain (Spain) | Non uccidevano mai la Domenicia (Italy) | La haine des desperados (France) | Les desperaods (France) | The Desperados! (U.S.A.)


  • Cast: Vince Edwards (David Galt)Jack Palance (Parson Josiah Galt), George Maharis (Jacob Galt), Neville Brand (Marshal Andy Kilpatrick), Sylvia Syms (Laura Galt), Christian Roberts (Adam Galt), Kate O'Mara (Adah, Jacob's girl), John Paul (Sheriff Lacey), Kenneth Cope (Carlin), Patrick Holt (Haller, Galt bandit), Christopher Malcolm (Gregg, Galt bandit), John Clark (Todd, Galt bandit), Benjamin Edney (Pauly Galt), Sheila Burrell (Emily Galt), David Thomson [as David Thompson](Deputy Tate), Elliott Sullivan (Jennison, St Thomas citizen)
  • Also with: Mario de Barros (Galt bandit), Rubert Crabbe (Yankee officer), Antonio Orengo (St Thomas citizen), Agustin Bescos (bank teller)
  • Story: Clarke Reynolds
  • Screenplay: Walter Brough
  • Cinematography: Sam Leavitt [Technicolor]
  • Music: David Whitaker
  • Producer: Irving Allen


A group of renegade Confederates, led by the Galts, decide to continue their banditry after the war. However the eldest son, disgusted by the killing, with his family leaves the gang and starts a new life, but cannot escape his past...

Filming locations

  • Villamanta, Comunidad de Madrid (Spain)

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