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Sergio Leone was already 2/3 way through the dollars trilogy. With ' Buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Il ' completing it. Since it was released in 1966 it has shocked, inspired and entertained the public, film critics and movie makers alike. Sergio Leone captured the fantastic elements he used in the other two dollars films ( Per un pugno di dollari - A Fistful Of Dollars, Per un pugno di dollari - For A Few Dollars More) and organized a perfect story that is superbly acted. This movie in turn made Clint Eastwood a star, and set Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach in stone as being icons to the genre, mainly in the case of Van Cleef.

The Characters

We open with an introduction of all 3 main characters.

The first 'The Ugly - Tuco' played magnificently by Eli Wallach. For a lot Eli has said to have stolen the show with his brute, peasant portrayal of Tuco. And captured such comedic lines as his character. Bringing some relief in high tension moments. As just someone that the average person can relate to.

The second to be introduced is 'The Bad - Sentenza' who reprises his role as the villain who everybody can hate. He has the authentic look, that people can recognize universally as a bad guy. Lee Vamn Cleef is my personal favorite, because of his look, acting and character. He fits the role perfectly, and with him 'less is more' definitly does work.

The third is 'The Good - Joe' played by Clint Eastwood. He is the star of this, and you can tell why. A breath taking performance that leaves viewers stunned. They see why he has become a great icon. He is respected much more for his Leone flicks that he is for anything else. I can't blame that either. His best film in my opinion.

The three characters are supposed to (or so I read) represent the three sides of the human nature ‘The Good' side, ‘The Bad' side and the side which shows that people will do anything to survive or, will do anything for riches. Named ‘The Ugly'.

The Story

The story is about each men after a fortune in gold. Only Joe and Tuco know different parts of where the money is kept. And therefore have to work together to claim it for themselves. Then we have Sentenza who learns about the money and tracks both down so he can keep it for himself.

The story crosses paths with some stunning scenery and some equally stunning battles. Which are in the Civil War part of the film. Leone makes references to his own personal opinions of the American civil war as well.

In the end, it leads to a true Mexican standoff, maybe the most famous scene in film history, as the three men battle for the money.

Throw in a trademark Ennio Morricone soundtrack and you have one hell of a film. No doubt 10/10. A must see, for really anyone who can appreciate it.


The violence is quick and brutal, the tension is always high. A it's a thrilling ride, that doesn't lessen with each viewing.

**********/********** - 10/10

Review By --Ste300 22:29, 3 Sep 2005 (CEST)

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