The Last Rebel

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The Last Rebel (1971 USA / Director: Larry G. Spangler [as Denys McCoy])


  • This is a US western shot in Italy

Also known as

Il suo nome è Qualcuno (Italy) | El ultimo rebelde (Spain) | Det Hansynslosa Ganget (Swedish title)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Joe Namath (Hollis Burnside), Jack Elam (Matt Graves), Woody Strode (Duncan), Ty Hardin (sheriff), Victoria George (Pearl), Renato Romano (Virgil), Marina Coffa (Camelia), Annamaria Chio (Madam Dupres), Michael Forest [as Mike Forrest] (pool hustler), Bruce Eweka (black boy), Jessica Dublin (Ruby), Herb Andress (Lieutenant), Larry Lawrence [as Larry Laurence] (bedroom man), Dominic Barto (stagecoach agent), Sebastian Segriff (Union officer), Al Hassan (Al the bartender), Art Johnson (tall soldier), Paul Sheriff (old soldier), Ettore Corvino [as Troy Patterson] (1st rancher), Rick Wells (2nd rancher), Jim Garbo (sheriff's man), Tomas Rudy (sheriff's man)
  • Also with: Sergio Testori (lynching hangman), Remo Capitani (sheriff's man), Herman Reynoso (tavern proprietor), Aristide Caporale (bordello customer), Ennio Antonelli (Doc Wilbers, tonic salesman), Angelo Casadei (Union soldier), Manlio Salvatori (pool room observer)
  • Story: Lorenzo Sabatini (aka Warren Kiefer)
  • Screenplay: Lorenzo Sabatini (aka Warren Kiefer)
  • Cinematography: Carlo Carlini [Technicolor, widescreen]
  • Music: Tony Ashton, Jon Lord
  • Songs: "I'm Dyin' for You", "Oh Matilda" sung by Ashton, Gardner & Dyke
  • Producer: Larry G. Spangler


Set in 1865 in southwest Missouri, at the close of the Civil War the film follows the adventures of two Confederate men and a black man who they rescue from a lynching.

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