The Men Who Were Shot in the Lungs Review

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  • Lenn-Art van Oostenbrugge


  • Patrick Martens
  • Roderick Derksen
  • Sytse Faber
  • Vincent Leloux

Director of Photography:

  • Evert Jan Velt

Titles & Music:

  • Lenn-Art van Oostenbrugge

The Men Who Were Shot in the Lungs

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A short movie written & directed by Lenn-Art van Oostenbrugge. Running-time 3:45

Three men enter a smokey saloon. In another movie, shot in another era, those men would have been played by the likes of Aldo Sambrell, Al Mulock and Frank Braña. We're in a spaghetti western, but not in an Italian western shot in Almeria in the late 60s, directed by one of the Sergios, but in a contemporary spaghetti western shot in Holland, directed by young Dutch film maker Lenn-Art van Oostenbrugge.

In spite of his young age, Lenn-Art van Oostenbrugge is a name many spaghetti western fans will be familiar with. He became a fan of the genre (and a regular visitor of Shobary's spaghetti western site) as a kid. Watching spaghetti westerns was a hobby, directing one himself was a dream he would cherish for years. The dream has now come true: The Men who were shot in the Lungs is his first spaghetti western, and hopefully not his last. This short movie is quite an achievement, considering it's the director's first foray into the genre. The story is well-told, with a ritual build-up to a twist ending. It's at the same time an homage to, and a deconstruction of the spaghetti western style. Kudos go to director of photography Evert Jan Velt for his breathtaking cinematography.

The credit sequence will immediately tell you that Sergio Leone is one of Lenn-Art's favorites: it's a wonderful reference to the famous Rotoscope (1) credit sequence of A Fistful of Dollars. A twangy guitar reminds us of the glory days of the genre and its soundtracks. Then we get the scene with the three men entering the saloon, that will no doubt remind many viewers of the men entering the bar in Once upon a Time in the West. Those men were Cheyenne's men, looking for their boss. These men aren't looking for their boss, they're looking for trouble. The three men mean business, but so does the man they're about to look in the eye.

If you think all spaghetti westerns, or westerns in general, are predictable, think twice, and be prepared for a big surprise. According to Paul Simon there are fifty ways to leave a lover. This movie will show you there are more ways to deal with an opponent, or to shoot him through the lungs.

Think twice, be smart, and watch this movie on You Tube:


Lungsfour.png Lungstwo.png Lungsone.png Lungsthree.png

--By Scherpschutter

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