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Review of Wild East's DVD release of The Moment to Kill


The Movie

Before he is gunned down, Judge Warren hires Lord and Bull (George Hilton and Walter Barnes) to find a hidden cache of half a million dollars in gold. The key to its location lies in a crippled girl and a book entitled Camelot. Pitted against Lord and Bull are town boss Forester (Arturo Domenici) and his sadistic son (Horst Frank). As wave after wave of gunmen try to take Lord and Bull down, they come closer and closer to the cryptic secret of the gold's hiding place.




DVD-VPS (top) vs DVD-Wild East (bottom). Klick to enlarge.

VPS.jpg VPS (3).jpg VPS (8).jpg VPS (11).jpg

WE.jpg WE (2).jpg WE (4).jpg WE (5).jpg


--by Bluntwolf

This DVD was provided by Wild East Entertainment.

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