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The Spaghetti Western Database


From The Spaghetti Western Database

THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Its functionality and content are currently undergoing extension, correction or improvement. Check back later or help us finish the job. Thank you.

The Spaghetti Western Database is a community project wiki. That means everyone (who is registered) can edit and create pages, make corrections and submit information. That means, that the information provided on these pages are public domain and available to everyone.

  • Basic filmographic data (years of production, alternate titles etc) might in some, if not most cases stem from the Internet Movie Database and in these cases the link to the page is provided
  • All pictures used on these pages are either property of those who took them or (in most cases) the companies who own the rights to the film in question.

Please do not upload copyrighted material. Use your own knowledge or public/free sources. If you have to quote or extract information from commercial or copyrighted material please mark that information as such and provide a link or information on the source.

  • All user-written reviews on the Spaghetti Western Database are protected and you are not allowed to publish them elsewhere without quoting our website and the author.
  • If you use information from the Spaghetti Western Database please link back to us, thank you
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