The Spaghetti Western Digest Issue 1

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The Spaghetti Western Digest is a new publication focusing on the Italian westerns. It is 200 pages of interviews, articles, reviews, and richly embellished with photos, lobbies, and posters. This first issue contains writings by Tom Betts on his fabled fanzine Westerns... All'Italiana!; Dennis Capicik looks at some obscure westerns; Steve Fenton reviews a fistful of oaters, and Professor Van Roberts writes about A Bullet for the President and Requiem for a Gringo. Michael Hauss looks at the western films of Paolo Bianchini along with Eugenio Ercolani. Also included are interviews with: Eugenio Ercolani, Author of the book Darkening the Italian Screen: Interviews With Genre and Exploitation Directors Who Debuted in the 1950s and 1960s, Javier Ramos, author of CINE DEL OESTE en la Comunidad de Madrid and composer/director Chuck Cirino. Steve Fenton also shares a never before published interview with Brett Halsey, along with a detailed bio.

Welcome to The Spaghetti Western Digest. A publication devoted to the Italian Westerns. Each issue will contain interviews, reviews, and articles on the Italian western genre brought to you by some of the best writers out there. And the whole of the genre will be explored from top to bottom, the good, the bad, and the ugly. So saddle up partner and get ready for the story of the Italian westerns, a genre unlike any other. Love em' or hate em' there's no denying the mark these films made on not only the cinematic world but the world in general.

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