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The Spaghetti Western Digest: Issue #2 is 245 pages of interviews, articles, reviews, and richly embellished with photos, lobbies, and posters. In this issue, Tom Betts writes about: The Death of Peter Lee Lawrence, 1966: The Pivotal year, his first journey to the “Holy Land” and says goodbye to the Maestro! Dennis Capicik looks at the films: Killer Kid and The Ballad of Django; Steve Fenton reviews nine oaters, and Professor Van Roberts writes about two iconic Italian westerns, A Fistful of Dollars and Day of AngerMichael Hauss looks at the western films of Alberto De Martino. Steve Mason writes about A Man Called Noon and reviews Wild East productions twofer of Thou Shall Not Kill and The Beast. Eugenio Ercolani contributes two pieces called: “The Cinema of Giulio Petroni” and “Petroni: A Family Business.” Tony Nash reviews Eureka’s The Specialist and writes about the noir touches in the Spaghetti westerns in an article entitled,“The Noir and the West.” And Anthony Thorne contributes an in-depth piece about the early Euro-westerns. Also included are interviews with Roberto Curti, Daniel Camargo, Kevin Grant, and Sergio Martino.   

Welcome to The Spaghetti Western Digest. A publication devoted to the Italian Westerns. Each issue will contain interviews, reviews, and articles on the Italian western genre brought to you by some of the best writers out there. And the whole of the genre will be explored from top to bottom, the good, the bad, and the ugly. So saddle up partner and get ready for the story of the Italian westerns, a genre unlike any other. Love em' or hate em' there's no denying the mark these films made on not only the cinematic world but the world in general.

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