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Tony Anthony in A Stranger in Town

The character only known as "The Stranger" is one of the coolest spaghetti western characters. He is a back shootin' bastard like most spaghetti anti-heroes. But what is different about the stranger is he isn't a very good fighter. He gets beat up in every single Stranger film and returns to blast away the bad guys in gruesome ways. Pouring scorpions down their shirts, blasting them with shotguns, and so on. He is a very dirty fighter. When ever the chance permits, he does not hesitate to kick his enemies while they're down. But what redeems him is the fact that they deserve it. He is a very realistic character. And somewhat likeable since he can take a beating and give some back. He has no honor, no morals, no scruples, no other motivation than greed. He is the definitve Spaghetti Western anti-hero. He was played by Tony Anthony in A Stranger in Town, The Stranger Returns, The Silent Stranger, and Get Mean.

A Stranger in Town (1967)

The Stranger rides into the empty border town of Cerra Gordo. He gets into some trouble with some Mexicans and ends up making a deal with their leader, Aguilla. He will convince the commander of a US cavalry detachment to give the band the gold and will receive half for his efforts. Instead, he is given only a dollar and savagely beaten. He returns with a vengeance to destroy the gang and recover all of the gold. In a twist of the Fistful duel, the Stranger confronts a wimpering Aguilla, smacks him around and gives him a chance to fight for himself. The Stranger's shotgun is unloaded, as is Aguilla's machine gun. The first to reload is obviously the winner. Which is the Stranger. He rides away a rich man.

The Stranger Returns (1968)

The Stranger stalks a gang of bandits with a mysterious stagecoach. He is beaten and again returns to kick some %!@$. This time, with a four-barreled shotgun.

Stranger in Japan (1969)

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Get Mean (1976)

The Stranger is given a deal from a Spanish witch to escort the Princess of Spain back to her country. For this, he will be given $50,000. When they get there, the Stranger is hung upside down, shot at with a cannon, turned black, chased by a bull, roasted over a fire, and beaten several times. But (with the biggest arsenal in any of the Stranger films) he returns. And he GETS MEAN. He arms himself with a flask of scorpions, a colt revolver, a bow and arrow, loads of dynamite, and of course, the four barreled shotgun. He wires the enemies fort with explosives and eliminates every single one. Now, with Spain under the Princess's control, the Stranger returns to America. A rich man.

The STRANGER series:
  • A Stranger in Town (1966) with Tony Anthony as the Stranger, directed by Luigi Vanzi
  • The Stranger Returns (1967) with Tony Anthony as the Stranger, directed by Luigi Vanzi.
  • The Silent Stranger (1969) with Tony Anthony as the Stranger, directed by Luigi Vanzi.
  • Get Mean (1975) with Tony Anthony as the Stranger, directed by Ferdinando Baldi.
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