Tigre venuta dal fiume Kwai, La

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La tigre venuta dal fiume Kwai (Italy 1975 / Director: Franco Lattanzi)

Also known as

Tiger From River Kwai (USA) | La tigre de la rivière Kwai (France) | La maitre de Bangkok (France) | Der Tiger vom Kwai (Germany) | Der Regulator (Germany) | O tigre do Rio Kwai (Portugal) | Kao ma jak menam Kwai (Thailand) | O vingador karate do Rio Kway (Brazil) | Kwai-joen tiikeri (Finland) | O tigris apo ton potamo Kwai (Greece)
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A secret agent from Thailand goes to the United States on a mission to find out why a Mr. Stone died and bring his ashes and fortune, a jeweled elephant, back to his homeland.


  • Cast (Italian): George Eastman (Sheriff Sam), Krung Srivilai (Thai Tiger), Gordon Mitchell (Jack Mason), Loredana Farnese (Mary), Bruno Arié (James), Kam Won Lon (Won Lon), Nuccia Cardinali (nympho boarding house girl), Mauro Mannatrizio (Jordan, deputy), Giovanna Mainardi (Mrs Stone)
  • Uncredited actors: Nello Palladino (Grampa Stone), Michele Branca (Mason henchman), Attilio Dottesio (Mason henchman), Marcello Meconizzi (Mason henchman), Filippo Antonelli (Henry, Mason henchman), Luigi Mannoia (older henchman ?), Lina Franchi (town woman), Dolores Calò (town woman), Giovanna Sanfilippo (town woman), Adriana Bruno (hostage)
  • Director: Franco Lattanzi
  • Story: Armando Visconti
  • Screenplay: Armando Visconti
  • Cinematography: Giovanni Visconti (Eastmancolor - Techniscope 2,35:1)
  • Music: Alberto Baldan Bembo [as Albert Baldan]
  • Producer: Fu Sheng, Riccardo Billi



  • Gordon Mitchell told me that Krung Srivilai could not get used to the fact he had to pull his punches, kicks and chops. Gordon said no matter how much they prepared and practiced Mitchell was pretty beat up after several of their on-screen fisticuffs. - Tom Betts

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 88 min

Release Dates

  • September 23, 1975 (Italy)
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