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Todo el horizonte para morir

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Todo el horizonte para morir (Mexico, 1971) Director: Rubén Galindo

  • Runtime: 80 min.
  • Release Date: 08.05.1971

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Fernando Almada, Mario Almada, Juliancito Bravo, Carlos Cardán, Marc Lambert, Carlos Jordán, Yolanda Ciani, Yolanda Rigel, Patricia Borges, Marco Antonio Arzate, Victorio Blanco, Raúl Pérez Prieto, Paula Cusi, Raúl Ferrer, Carlos Agosti, Arturo Silva, Rubén Márquez Padilla, Gabriela, Bruno Rey, Rossy Velázquez
  • Screenplay: Ramón Obón León
  • Cinematography: José Ortiz Ramos
  • Editing: Jorge Bustos
  • Producer: Pedro Galindo Aguilar (as Pedro Galindo hijo)
  • Music: Gustavo César Carrión
  • Locations: Durango, Torreón, Coahuila


The Mormon pastor Mateo is obsessed by the murder of his father, which he witnessed as a child, but raises a church and preaches against violence. The gunman Gumaro helps the preacher when two outlaws show up and kills one of them. Four brothers of the dead outlaw attack the preacher's ranch and kill his pregnant wife, his son, a worker and leave the pastor for dead. He recovers, forgets his sermons and sets out to take vengeance on the murderers.

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