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Tony Anthony - Special/Ranking

From The Spaghetti Western Database

< Tony Anthony - Special

We started a poll at our forum to find out, which Tony Anthony-movies are the most popular ones.

From June 3rd to June 30th we recieved 60 votes, here are the results:

1 A STRANGER IN TOWN, Luigi Vanzi (1966) 33,3% Tony2.jpg
2 BLINDMAN, Ferdinando Baldi (1971) 30% TA BlindmanReview Scherpschutter Poster.jpg
3 THE STRANGER RETURNS, Luigi Vanzi (1967) 20% Sr-4.jpg
4 THE SILENT STRANGER, Luigi Vanzi (1969) 10% Silent stranger.jpg
5 GET MEAN, Ferdinando Baldi (1975) 3,3% Get mean.jpg
5 COMIN' AT YA!, Ferdinando Baldi (1981) 3,3% Comin 0.jpg

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