Torrejón City

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Torrejón City (1962 Spain / Director: León Klimovsky)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern



  • Runtime: 80 min
  • Release Date: 1962

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Tony Leblanc (Tom Rodriguez, Tim 'El Malo'), May Heatherly (Ruth), Antonio Garisa (Uncle Sam), Beni Deus (Dog, mayor), Venancio Muro (Fiscal), Francisco 'Paco' Morán (Mac), Mara Laso (Peggy, singer), Mary Begoña (saloon girl), Xan das Bolas (Chief Falcon Eye), Luis Sánchez Polack (undertaker), Esther Cruz [as Himilce](judge), José Canalejas [as Jose Alvarez Canalejas](Mejicano, bandit), Simón Arriaga (Vulture, bandit), Juan Antonio Peral (Butch, bandit), José Luis Lizalde [as Zalde](banker), Antonio Moreno (Sheriff Morris), Maria Alvarez (prostitute), Agustin Bescos (railroad porter), Victor Iregua (vaquero), Enrique Núñez, Luis Alonso, Heredia, Gonzalo Esquiroz (passerby)
  • Story: Ramón Barreiro, Antonio de Lara Gavilán [as Tono]
  • Screenplay: Rafael J. Salvia, Manuel Tamayo, Juan Antonio Verdugo
  • Cinematography: Manuel Hernández Sanjuán [Eastmancolor]
  • Music: Gregorio Garcia Segura
  • Producer: Esther Cruz


A stranger arrives in the western town of Torrejón City. He is thought to be the outlaw 'El Malo' and the town is about to lynch him when the truth is learned. He is named sheriff and is used as bait to draw in 'El Malo' so he can be captured.

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