Trandafirul galben

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This adventure film is set in 19th century Romania but is considered somewhat of an Eastern block Spaghetti Western due to its directorial style and story.

Trandafirul galben (Romania, 1982 / Director: Doru Nastase)

  • Release Date: May 31, 1982
  • Runtime: 102 min

Also known as

The Yellow Rose (translated title) | Fegyvercsempészek (Hungary) | Zólta róza (Poland) | Zheltaya Roza (Russia) | Zlatá Ruze (Croatia) | Die Gelbe Rose lebt gefährlich (East Germany)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Florin Piersic (Margelatu), Marga Barbu (Agatha Slatineanu), George Motoi (Lt. Delvos), Ion Dichiseanu (Cpt. Margarit), Ioana Pavelescu (Maritica Ghica), Traian Stanescu (Aga Villara), Dinu Ianculescu (Tala'at), Vistrian Roman (Lt. Corlatescu), Szabolcs Cseh (Buza de Iepure), Mihai Mereuta (Oseaca), Constantin Codrescu (Rosetti), Ion Marinescu (Doctorul Ghiulamila)
  • Screenplay: Eugen Barbu + Nicolae Paul Mihail
  • Cinematography: Liviu Pojoni [color]
  • Music: George Grigoriu
  • Producer: Dumitru Fernoaga for Româniafilm


The further adventures of Margelatu, a modern Robin Hood with the flair of a Spaghetti Western hero, who fights against the injustice of corrupted politicians ruling Romania in the 1800s.


This is the second in a series of three Romanian films about the adventures of hero Margelatu, called the "Yellow Rose", played by popular actor Florin Piersic. The other two films are Drumul oaselor (1981) and Misterele Bucurestilor (1983). These films were quite obviously tailored after the Spaghetti Western, with Florin Piersic coming across like a Romanian version of Sartana, lots of hats, horses, action and gunfights. The music includes electric guitar and the camera is occasionally zoom-happy.


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