Trinità & Bambino... e adesso tocca a noi

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Trinità & Bambino... e adesso tocca a noi (Germany, Italy, Spain 1995 / Director: Enzo Barboni [as E.B. Clucher])

Also known as

Ein Begräbnis und die Auferstehung der vier Fäuste (Germany) | Trinity & Babyface - Vier Fäuste geh'n zum Teufel (Germany) | Trinity & Babyface - Sie können's nicht lassen (Germany) | Sons of Trinity (U.S.A.) | Trinidad y Bambino: tal para cual (Spain) | Nové ruce ďábla (Czech Republic) | Trinita e Bambino Os Filhos De Trinity (Brazil) | Trinity & Bambino: The Legend Lives On

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Heath Kizzier (Trinity), Keith Neubert (Bambino), Yvonne De Bark (Bonita, Trinity's girl), Fanny Cadeo (Scintilla, Bambino's girl), Ronald Nitschke (sheriff), Siegfried Rauch (Parker), Renato D'Amore (Ramirez), Eduardo MacGregor (Judge Thompson), Jack Taylor (Theopilus, Trinity's father), Riccardo Pizzuti (Johnson, gunslinger), Francisco Martin [as Blaki] (doctor), Renato Scarpa (Pablo), Jorge Bosso [as Jorge Óscar Bosso Cuello] (Stinger Smith, gunslinger), José Lifante (hangman), Ana Soriano Pérez (Katherine, Trinity's mother), Luis de Oteyza Ortiz (Pedro, Paco's son), Juan Ruiz Garcia (Paco, Pablo's son), Carlos Alcalde (Fernando), Salvador Frias (Emilio), Luis Castellanos Fernandez (Manolo, carpenter), Angel Cortez Fernandez (Gabriel, lookout), Juan Gomez (José Ramirez), Pilar Valero Ortega (Daisy, Bambino's mother), Cesar Varona Martin (Pringle deputy sheriff)
  • Also with: Tito Garcia (waystation proprietor), Jesus Antonio Olmo (gunslinger), Paco Catalá (Porfirio), Juan Frias (Mariano), Rafael Montoya (Ramirez family member), Juan Diego (Ramirez family member), Diego Garcia (Ramirez family member), Tony Lima (Ramirez family member), Aquilino Gamazo (Ramirez family member), Pablo Scola (Ramirez family member), Sergio Pérez (Ramirez family member), Pedro Parra Colomina (Ramirez family member), Pablo Garcia (Amo), Barbara Granados (guitarist), Paloma de Jose Berganza (Paloma), Macarena Miletich (saloon girl), Beatriz Riesgo (trumpet player), Ara Yessayan child), Keith Sanchez (child), Ruben Tobias (deputy sheriff)
  • Story: Marcotullio Barboni
  • Screenplay: Marcotullio Barboni
  • Cinematography: Juan Amorós [Technicolor, widescreen]
  • Music: Stefano Mainetti
  • Producers: Italo Zingarelli, Enrique Uviedo


The Trinity legend rides on for a new generation when the two sons of infamous frontier cowpokes, Trinity and Bambino, meet under less than favorable circumstances; Bambino is about to be hung for horse thievin' in the hamlet of San Clementino. After Trinity springs his new-found friend, they become sheriff and deputy of the very same town that did the near-hangin'! With a fistful of hijinks and a headful of wacky ideas, they take on the good, the bad and the stupid.


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