Tutti per uno... botte per tutti

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Tutti per uno... botte per tutti (Italy, Spain, West Germany 1973 / Director: Bruno Corbucci)

  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 28.9.1973

Also known as

Alle für einen, Prügel für alle (Germany) | The Three Musketeers Of The West (U.S.A.) | Todos para uno, golpes para todos (Spain) | Les rangers défient les karatékas (France) | Trzech Muszkieterow Na Zachodzie (Poland) | Todos Por Um, Cacetadas Para Todos (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Giancarlo Prete [as Timothy Brent}(Dart Coldwater), George Eastman (Mac Athos), Karin Schubert (Doctor Alice Fergussen), Leo Anchóriz (Aramirez), Cris Huerta [as Chris Huerta](Portland), Li Chen (Chin Chao), Eduardo Fajardo (Horatio Maurice De Luc)
  • Also with: José Canalejas (Senor Mendoza), José Jaspe (man whitling), Osiride Pevarello (fire-eater), Vittorio Congia (hoedown emcee), Eleonora Giorgi (lover in opening scene), Pietro Tordi (Dart Coldwater Sr), Max Turilli (Baron Von Grubben), Virginia Garcia (Juanita, saloon proprietor), Vicente Roca (General Ortega), José Luis Lizalde (Esteban, waystation employee), Fabián Conde (Domingo, street vendor), Margarete Horowitz (hoedown partier), Gilberto Galimberti (hoedown partier), Virgilio Ponti (hoedown partier), Angelo Casadei (hoedown partier), Franco Ukmar (circus acrobat), Adriana Bruno (circus member), Franca Scagnetti (circus member), Giovanni Ukmar (Grabie gangster), Carlo Rustichelli (Cheese Valley band leader), Francisco Sanz (saloon drinker), Peter Berling
  • Story: Tito Carpi
  • Screenplay: Bruno Corbucci, Tito Carpi, Leonardo Martino, Peter Berling
  • Music: Carlo Rustichelli
  • Cinematography: Rafael Pacheco (Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1)
  • Producer: Edmondo Amati


A young man (Giancarlo Prete) seeking to "cover himself in glory", sets out to become a Texas Ranger. Encountering a damsel (Karin Schubert) in distress, he enlists a trio of disgraced ex-Rangers to escort her wagon carrying scientific supplies into Mexico.


This slightly amusing spaghetti western comedy from the director of Shoot, Gringo...Shoot! is loosely based on The Three Musketeers. Future porn star Schubert has a nude scene, and the cult cast may draw some (Montefiori later starred as The Grim Reaper), but this one's for devotees only.


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