Uccideva a freddo

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Uccideva a freddo (Italy 1966 / Director: Guido Celano (as William First))

  • Runtime: 87 min
  • Release Date: 23.3.1967

Also known as

The Cold Killer (U.S.A.) | Tué a froid (France) | Mataba a sangre fria (Spain) | The Killer (U.K.) | O Colt Assassino (Brazil) | Dreperen (Norway)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Bruno Piergentili [as Dan Harrison](Bill Gregor/Walcom), Rita Farrel (Helena / Ellen), Lilian Faber (Miss Becket/Peacock), Philippe March [as Philip March](José Desmet), Luigi Barbieri [as Luis Barber](Carson, piano player), Amedeo Trilli [as Amid Trail](priest), Guido Celano [as Guy W. Ceylon](sheriff of Anaconda), Bill Reed, Claudio Mealli [as Claude Mealli], Giorgio Bandiera (Desmet outlaw henchman), Ennio Pagliani (Desmet outlaw henchman), Luciano Odorisio (Desmet outlaw henchman), Attilio Dottesio (attorney), Mario Feliciani (Salazar)
  • Also with: Claudio Ruffini (Jack/Lester, Desmet henchman), The Wilder Brothers (minstrels), W. Thomas Green [credited as costume designer]
  • Story: "La montagna spaccata" by W. Charlie Reed
  • Screenplay: George W. Ballor, Palmambrogio Molteni [as George Molten], Amedeo Trilli [as Amid Trail]
  • Cinematography: Angelo Baistrocchi [Eastmancolor - widescreen]
  • Camera Operator: Nino Celeste
  • Music: John Ireson + Weyman L. Parham
  • Songs: “He Wore A Silver Star”, “Pickin' And Grinning”, “Lovely Girl” + “Welcome Song” sung by The Wilder Brothers
  • Producer: Guido Celano


Jose Desmet, a butler, killed his employer because the latter, once a district judge, had long ago condemned Desmet's father, a well known gangster, to death. When Desmet tries to seduce Salazar's daughter, who is heir to a goldmine, kills a woman and the village doctor because they had found out that he was selling weapons to the Indians, a government investigator, together with the sheriff, sets out to put an end to Desmet's activities.


A story based on revenge that knows no bounds and influences the avenger to the degree that his desire to "get even" drives him to a despotic and overbearing behaviour even in circumstances entirely unrelated to his original aim.


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