Uccidi Django... uccidi per primo!

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Uccidi Django... uccidi per primo! (Italy 1970 / Director: Sergio Garrone [as William S. Regan])

  • Runtime: 86 min
  • Release Date: 5.2.1971

Also known as

Kill Django...Kill First (U.S.A.) | Tequila (Spain) | Abattez Django le premier (France) | Tuez Django! (Belgium) | Doodt Django! (Belgium) | Dispara Django... Dispara primero (Mexico) | O Gatilho De Um Bravo (Brazil)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Giacomo Rossi-Stuart [as Jack Stuart] (Johnny MaGee / Django), Krista Nell [as Kristanell Doris] (Molly), Aldo Sambrell (Anthony Burton, Manuel Santana), George Wang (Lupe Martinez), Silvio Bagolini (Thomas Nathaniel Livingstone), Mario Novelli (Skin/Ted, bounty hunter), Diana Lorys [as Diana Loris] (Julie), Giovanni Di Benedittis [as John Benedy] (bearded Burton lieutentant), Furio Meniconi [as Men Fury] (sheriff), Umberto Di Grazia (McGregor brother), Vittorio Fanfoni (Bill/Jack Adams), Lorenzo Piani (Steve Adams), Romano Puppo [as Romano Puppino] (Curly, Burton henchman), Ricca Andrea, Lilio Beato, Isarco Ravaioli (Doc, Molly's brother), Laila Shed (Evelyn McGregor), Lorenzo Robledo (Isaac McGregor) [Spanish credit], Antonio Jimenez Escribano [as A. Gimenez Escribano] (village leader) [Spanish], Francisco Bonmati [Spanish]
  • Also with: Angelo Boscariol (Burton killer), Ezio Vergari (Burton killer), Omero Capanna (Burton killer at mine), Franco Ukmar (saloon brawler), Giancarlo Ukmar (saloon brawler), Giovanni Ukmar (saloon brawler), Clemente Ukmar (saloon guest)
  • Story: Palmambrogio Molteni
  • Screenplay: Palmambrogio Molteni, Sergio Garrone
  • Cinematography: Gaetano Valle [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,78:1]
  • Music: Elsio Mancuso
  • Producer: Sebastiano Cimino


Johnny fights the banker Burton, who tries to acquire with the help of the strange bandit Martinez, in an unlawful way, all the gold mines in the nearer environment.


A rather unknown SW which has despite its title no Django in it. A solid western with a few bizarre scenes involving George Wang.

by Stanton


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