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Una Colt, cinque dollari, una carogna

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Una Colt, cinque dollari, una carogna (Mexico, 1966) Director: René Cardona (as Richard Chardon)

Mexico-flag.jpg This is a Mexican-Western



  • Runtime: 84 min.
  • Release Dates: November '66 (Mexico), November '67 (Italy)

Also known as

El Mexicano (Mexico) | Un Colt, cinq dollars, une charogne (France)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Jorge Rivero, Jaime Fernandez, Felix Gonzalez, Wolf Ruvinskis, Enrique Rambal, Tere Velazquez, Carlos Cortes, Raul Meraz, Jorge Russek, Dagoberto Rodriguez, Mary Ellen, Guillermo Rivas, John Kelly, Stim Sigar, Quintin Bulnes
  • Screenplay: Rafael García Travesi
  • Cinematography: Alfredo Uribe J.
  • Music: Enrico C. Cabiati


In Waco, Texas, the Mexican population is racially persecuted, instigated by gangs of unscrupulous adventurers. Ringo, a young Mexican boxer, takes up the cause of the persecuted, and gathers a group of volunteers, to engage in a merciless battle against the racists. Amidst the frequent clashes, the brother and wife of Ringo die. The hero reacts fiercely: hundreds of people succumb to the onslaught of his gang. Hunted by all the sheriffs of Texas, Ringo is forced to fight under unfavorable conditions against his pursuers: the gang is destroyed and badly injured, he dies on the grave of his wife.


  • Most sources consulted claim this Mexican film was made in Italy
  • Edited from the serial El Mexicano, episodes "El retador", "No mataras" and "Redencion"
  • Followed by 7 Colt per 7 carogne

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