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  • Cimitero Senza Croci NTSC Region 2 Japanese SPO Entertainment DVD - An atypical Spaghetti Western with very little dialogue, not a lot of shooting and the male lead Robert Hossein's almost melancholic performance of Manuel. A gunfighter who is preoccupied with the past and the mistake he made in deserting the love of his life many years ago. Like the reason he left Maria and what course his life then took, the true significance of Manuel wearing a single black glove when firing his gun is never explained, it's a fascinating back-story only hinted at. The film is darkly pessimistic, having some nasty surprises along the way and ultimately showing the futility of revenge. A visually impressive movie with gritty art direction and great cinematography. The ghost town Manuel lives in is worthy of particular note, practically rotting with decay and looking ominous standing alone surrounded by desert. The movie also relying on the compelling visual performances of its actors, in particular the chemistry between Manuel and Maria. A French and Italian co-production, directed, co-written and staring Robert Hossein, who accidentally gives away the fact that he is a Frenchman in the film by having Maria and Johanna drink their breakfast coffee served in a bowl. The films effective and memorable music, orchestral with some trumpet, vocals, organ, electric guitar plus flamenco guitar parts, is supplied by André Hossein. A truly great movie, already in the Spaghetti Western Database Top 20 Films and deservedly so, but quite difficult to track down the only DVD available at the time of writing being a Japanese import.--The Halitosis Kid 10:24, 26 February 2007 (CET)