Uno dopo l'altro

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Uno dopo l'altro (Italy, Spain 1968 / Director: Nick Nostro [as Nick Howard])

  • Runtime: 102 min
  • Release Date: 13.8.1968
  • Filming locations: Almeria

Also known as

Uno después de otro (Spain) | The Day After Tomorrow (U.S.A.) | One After Another (U.S.A.) | Von Django - mit den besten Empfehlungen (Germany) | Adios caballero (France) | L'un après l'autre (France) | Once onu... sonra seni (Turkey) | Cada Bala Uma Morte (Brazil) | 皆殺しの用心棒 Minagoroshi no yojinbo DVD title (Japan) | Coffins for 9 | One After the Other

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Richard Harrison (Stan), Pamela Tudor (Sabine), Paolo Gozlino [as Paul Stevens] (Glenn), José Bódalo (Colonel Jefferson), Jolanda Modio (Tina), Hugo Blanco (Miguel), José Manuel Martín (Espartero), Fortunato Arena (Trent), José Jaspe (Pablo), Eugenio Galadini [as Eugenio Galatini] (undertaker), María Saavedra (Espartero's woman #2), José Canalejas (Frank), Luis Barboo (Hud), Dario Micheli, Mirella Pompili [as Mirella Pamphili] (Mexican girl looking at the dance)
  • Also with: Roberto Messina (1st bartender), Gaetano Scala (Bill Ross), Goffredo Unger (Burt), Emilio Messina (Herb), Gilberto Galimberti (Espartero bandit), Augusto Funari (Espartero bandit), Ugo Ballester (2nd bartender), Angelo Casadei (Espartero bandit, saloon patron), Ettore Arena (saloon patron), Gianni Di Segni (townsman), Alberigo Donadeo (townsman)
  • Story: Mariano de Lope, Nick Nostro [as Nick Howard]
  • Screenplay: Mariano de Lope, Nick Nostro [as Nick Howard], Giovanni Simonelli [as Simon O'Neil], Carlos E. Rodriguez
  • Cinematography: Mario Pacheco [Eastmancolor, Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Fred Bongusto + Berto Pisano
  • Song: "May Be One, May Be Nine" sung by Fred Bongusto
  • Producers: Marco Vicario, Bino Cicogna


Bespectacled pistolero Stan Ross comes to Canyon City and becomes involved with two feuding factions, after a clerk has been killed by the banker Jefferson during a botched holdup, while robbing his own bank.


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