Uno straniero de Paso Bravo

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Uno straniero a Paso Bravo (Italy, Spain 1968 / Director: Salvatore Rosso)

  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 23.3.1968

Also known as

Uno straniero a Paso Bravo | A Stranger in Paso Bravo (U.S.A.) | Los pistoleros de Paso Bravo (Spain) | Un forastero en Paso Bravo (Spain) | Le pistolero de Paso Bravo (France) | Der Fremde von Paso Bravo (Germany) | Justa vinganca (Portugal) | Enas xenos sto Paso Bravo (Greece) | O Pistoleiro De Passo Bravo (Brazil) | パソ・ブラボーの流れ者 Paso Bravo no nagaremono (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Antonio de Teffe [as Antony Steffen] (Gary Hamilton), Giulia Rubini (Anna Sheridan), Eduardo Fajardo [as Eduardo Fayardo] (Acombar), Adriana Ambesi (Rosie / Roxey), José Jaspe [as José Jaspes] (Paquito Santamaria), Ignazio Leone (Jaime/Butch Hammerhead), Corrado Olmi (Jonathan Sheridan, storekeeper), Claudio Biava (Clark, Acombar henchman), Antonio Cintado (sheriff), Jesus Tordesillas (Donovan, blacksmith), Franco De Rosa [as Franco Derosa] (Jose/Jackie Acombar), Renato Pinciroli (Counsellor, mayor), Bruno Arié (Acombar henchman), Armando Bottin (Acombar henchman), Rosolino Bua (stagecoach passenger with geese), Luis Gaspar (Pedro Santamaria), Consalvo dell’Arti, José Calvo [as Pepe Calvo] (peddler), Josefina Serratosa (Paquito’s wife) [Spanish credit], Miguel del Castillo (town drunk) [Spanish], Jose Canalejas (Jesus Santamaria) [Spanish], Mario Morales (Acombar henchman) [Spanish]
  • Also with: Vassili Karis (Danny, saloon bouncer), Pino Sciacqua (bartender), Juan Cazalilla (hotel clerk), Lina Franchi (saloon employee), Ignazio Balsamo (Acombar lieutenant), Rocco Lerro (Acombar henchman), Franco Ukmar (Acombar henchman), Giulio Mauroni (Acombar henchman), Aldo Formisano (Acombar henchman), Nicola Palumbo (Acombar henchman), Vincenzo De Palo (Acombar henchman), Roberto Alessandri (Acombar henchman), Alberigo Donadeo (townsman), Umberto Salomone (townsman), Lucia Cavalieri (town woman), Claudio Ruffini (saloon patron)
  • Story: Eduardo Manzanos Brochero [as E.M. Brochero], Federico De Urruria
  • Screenplay: Lucio Manlio Battasstrada, Fernando Morandi
  • Cinematography: Alfonso Nieva, Gino Santini [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,66:1]
  • Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
  • Song: “A Stranger in Paso Bravo” sung by Vittorio Bezzi
  • Producer: Francesco Carnicelli, Arturo Marcos


Gary Hamilton is convicted when his family dies in a fire while he was drunk... When he returns to his village of Paso Bravo, he finds the ruthless Acombar keeping the population enslaved by his cruelty. Having found out that Acombar is the person responsible for the deadly fire seven years before, our hero organizes a powerful attack of revenge.


Former prisoner Gary Hamilton (Antonio De Teffe) comes to the town of Paso Bravo to avenge his murdered wife and daughter in this entertaining spaghetti western. Being that the man comes into town as an unarmed teetotaler, he is soon the object of scorn and ridicule by the hard-bitten locals. He gets beaten up and degraded a great deal, then finally decides to fight back and strap on the gun he swore never to wear again. This decision leads to a showdown with a sleazy, sadistic land baron (Eduardo Fajardo), turning in one of his most delightfully repellent performances. Intense characterizations and palpable tension make this film, director Salvatore Rosso's sole western, a treat for genre fans.


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