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Unter Geiern

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Unter Geiern (West Germany, France 1964 / Director: Alfred Vohrer)

  • Runtime: 101 min
  • Release Date: 8.12.1964

Also known as

Among Vultures (U.K.) | Frontier Hellcat (U.S.A.) | Parmi les vautours (France) | Winnetou und der Bärenjäger (West Germany) (working title) | Winnetou w Dolinie Sępów (Poland) | La dove scende il sole (Italy) | Medju jasterbovima (Serbia) | Los buitres (Spain) | Vasterns Gamar (Sweden) | Winnetou og vestens (Denmark) | Printre Vulturi (Romania) | Keselyuk Karmaiban (Hungary) | Winnetou in de Dodenvallei (Netherlands) | De Gang der Aasgieren (Belgium) | Winnetou ja Lännen haaskalinnut (Finland) | O grande Atirador (Portugal) | Mezi supy (Czechoslovakia) | Winnetou - Carne Para Abutres (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Stewart Granger (Old Surehand), Pierre Brice (Winnetou), Elke Sommer (Annie Dillman), Renato Baldini (Judge Leader), Walter Barnes (Martin Baumann), Götz George (Martin Baumann, Jr.), Terence Hill (as Mario Girotti)(Baker Jr.), Sieghard Rupp (Preston), Paddy Fox (Old Wabble), Miha Baloh (Weller), Gojko Mitic (as George Mitic)(Wokadeh), Gordana Cosic (Wokadeh's sister), Dunja Rajter (Betsy), Louis Velle (Gordon), Voja Miric (Stewart), Stole Arandjelovic (Milton), Djordje Nenadovic (as George Heston) (Miller), Dusan Bulajic (Bloomfield), Mirko Boman (Davy Long), Vladimir Medar (Mr. Baker), Ilija Ivezic (Jackie), Davor Antolic (Rod), Mirko Kraljev (Bill), Boris Dvornik (Fred), Anthony Ghidra (as Dragomir Bojanic) (Joe), Milan Micic (Jimmy), Joza Seb (Bob), Marinko Cosic (Siedlejunge), Vladimir Bacic (Jemmy), Sime Jagarinac (Shoshone)
  • Story: Karl May
  • Screenplay: Eberhard Keindorff, Johanna Sibelius, Harald G. Petersson
  • Cinematography: Karl Lob [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope 2.35:1]
  • Composer: Martin Böttcher
  • Producer: Horst Wendlandt


White settlers are attacked and murdered by the notorious "Vulture Gang" in Llano Estacado, a border area to New Mexico and Texas. The blame is put on the Indians of the Shoshone tribe. The experienced trapper Old Surehand and Apache Chief Winnetou take up the fight and put the criminals, despite numerous intrigues, behind bars.


Frontier Hellcat was the fourth in a series of 1960s European westerns based on Karl May's "Winnetou" character. Stewart Granger takes over from Lex Barker in the leading "Anglo"-role of the mysterious maverick who wanders from town to town doing the "Lone Ranger" bit. The hellcat of the title is Elke Sommer, a tempestuous frontierswoman who reluctantly accepts Granger's help in attaining safe passage through the Rocky Mountains ("played" in this film by the Alps). The original title of Frontier Hellcat was Unter Geiern; the production was a cooperative effort, with contributions from West Germany, France, Italy and Yugoslavia. Stewart Granger would star in the "Winnetou" saga again in Rampage at Apache Wells and Old Surehand.


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