Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato... Parola di Spirito Santo

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Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato... parola di Spirito Santo (Italy · Spain 1972 / Director: Giuliano Carnimeo)

Also known as

Blazing Guns (USA) | They Call Him Holy Ghost (USA.) | His Name Was Holy Ghost (USA) | El Halcón de Sierra Madre (Spain) | Y le llamaban El Halcón (Spain) | Ein Halleluja für Spirito Santo (Germany) | Zwei wie Blitz und Donner (Germany) | Lo chiamarono Spirito Santo (Italy) | On l'appelle Spirito Santo (France) | Gringo nimelta 'Pyha Henki' (Finland) | Mannen utan namn - han kallades Holy Ghost (Sweden) | Forewarned, Half-Killed... the Word of the Holy Ghost | Espírito Santo, O Justiceiro (Brazil) | Τον φώναζαν... Ουρανοκατέβατο (Greece) | Manden de Kaldte Ghost (Denmark)
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The well meaning democrat Mendoza (Rigaud) is removed by the corrupt General Ubarte (Bendandi) in a coup. Spirito Santo (Garko) wins the deed to a gold mine in a poker game and wants it to be notarized. Too bad that the mine is already being exploitat by Ubarte’s gangster buddy Sam Crow (Gozlino). Spirito Santo enlists the help of Mendoza’s daughter (Velasquez), who is willing to help him if he helps her father. With Carezza / Christ Hosianna (Huerta) on his side, he executes his plan….


  • Cast: Gianni Garko (Holy Ghost/Spirito Santo/Harold), Pilar Velázquez (Juana Mendoza), Cris Huerta (Carezza/Chuck/Chicken), Poldo Bendandi (General Ubarte), Paolo Gozlino [as Paul Stevens] (Samuel Crow/Crohn/Bull), George Rigaud (Don Firmino Mendoza), Carlo Gaddi (Capt Fiesta), Franco Pesce (Hernandez brothers, lawyer & engineer), Dada Gallotti (Madam Mae), Nello Pazzafini (Col. Cortacabeza), Tomas Rudy (Lieutenant), Fortunato Arena (Col. Matatodos/May), Federico Boido [as Rick Boid] (Vern Crow/Crohn), Evy Farinelli (Molly, blonde whore), Monica Altomonte, Maria D'Incoronato (whore), Itala Guitto, Lia Ferri, Pasquale Coletta (Ollie Crow/Crohn), Furio Meniconi (Captain Garcia), Maurizio Tocchi (Crow/Crohn brother), Gildo Di Marco (Holy Ghost henchman), Amerigo Santarelli (Holy Ghost henchman), Salvatore Baccaro (Holy Ghost henchman), Gianclaudio Jabes [as Juan Claudio Jabes] (Holy Ghost henchman), Gianni Pulone, Goffredo Unger [as Fredy Unger] (Captain Ortega), Carla Mancini, Aldo Barberito (Brother John), Juan Torres (Esteban), César Ojinaga (Mexican Captain), José A. Maya, Mario Gas, Damian Thorton, H. Ortega, Rodolfo Santamaria
  • Also with: Pietro Ceccarelli (Crow/Crohn brother), Alfonso Sarlo (Don Jaime), Mimmo Poli (bartender), Roberto Dell'Acqua (poker player), Claudio Ruffini (poker player), Luigi Ciavarro (poker player), Rinaldo Zamperla (saloon worker, soldier), Juan Fairen (Coby 'The Bull', boxer), Moisés Augusto Rocha (boxing coach), Altiero Di Giovanni (Holy Ghost messenger), Alberigo Donadeo (soldier), Mario Dardanelli (soldier), Ettore Arena (soldier), Romano Milani (lieutenant), Renzo Pevarello (soldier), Riccardo Petrazzi (soldier), Pietro Torrisi (soldier), Sergio Ukmar (soldier), Angelo Casadei (soldier), Maria De Sisti (fat Mexican wife), Lina Franchi (woman spitting on Don Firmino), Fulvio Pellegrino (townsman)
  • Director: Giuliano Carnimeo [as Anthony Ascott]
  • Story: Tito Carpi
  • Screenplay: Tito Carpi, Federico De Urrutia
  • Cinematography: Miguel Fernández Mila [Eastmancolor - CinemaScope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Bruno Nicolai
  • Song: "Libertad" sung by Giulian De Mutis
  • Producer: Luciano Martino



Sort of a follow up to, but not a sequel of They Call Me Hallelujah

Versions and runtimes

Release Dates

  • Release Date: March 30, 1972 (Italy), August 29, 1972 (West Germany)
  • Germany: the movie never appeared on home video after its theatrical release, only on TV.

Filming locations

Elios FStudios

Production and business

  • Distributor/Studio: Titanus
  • Production companies: Lea Film (Rome), C.C. Astro (Madrid)


The German dubs makes this (alread light hearted) film even more comedic - but it is not full-on slapstick.

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