Uomo che viene da Canyon City, L'

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L'uomo che viene da Canyon City (Italy, Spain 1965 / Director: Alfonso Balcázar)

  • Runtime: 91 min
  • Release Date: 15.10.1965

Also known as

¡Viva Carrancho! (Spain) | Que viva Carrancho! (Spain) | Die Todesminen von Canyon City (Germany) | Ringo schießt zuerst (Germany) | Zwei an einer Kette (Germany/Austria) | Keine Gnade für Verräter (Germany) | The Man from Canyon City (USA) | Odio en la frontera (Italy) | L'homme qui venait de Canyon City (France) | L’homme qui vint Kansas City (France) | Canyon City (Greece) | O Homem De Canyon City (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Robert Woods [as Robert Wood](Jim Morton / Jeff Clayton), Fernando Sancho (Carrancho), Loredana Nusciak [as Lore Nushak](Viviane Barrett), Luis Dávila (Ray / Red / Ryan), Renato Baldini [as Ryan Baldwin](Grieves), Ely Drago [as Ely Draco](Rosario), Gérard Tichy (Hargitay, government inspector), Antonio Almorós [as Antony Almoros](Manuel Pereda), Osvaldo Genazzani [as Jean Osvald](Morton aide), Oscar Carreras (storekeeper), Ryan Earthpick, Antonio Molino Rojo [as A. Molino Rojo](Matt, Morton henchman) [Spanish credit], Francisco Sanz [as Paco Sanz](Evaristo, rebellion leader) [Spanish credit], Gaspar 'Indio' González (Morton henchman) [Spanish credit], Oscar Pellicer (Morton henchman) [Spanish credit], José Manuel Martín (Esteban, informer) [Spanish credit], César Ojinaga (Fred Bogart, Morton henchman) [Spanish credit], Victor Fuente (whipped Mexican peon)[Spanish credit], Juan Miguel Solano [as J.L. Solano](Ramon) [Spanish credit], Angel Malla (Mexican boy) [Spanish credit], Asuncion Vitoria (maid) [Spanish credit]
  • Also with: Juan Fernandez (telegrapher), Carlos Otero (Morton henchman), Angel Lombarte (Morton henchman), Antonio Ponciano (Hargitay agent), Eduardo Lizarza (Mexican peon w/guitar), Francisco Aguilera (Eulogio, blown up peon)
  • Story: Attilio Riccio [as Henry Vaughan]
  • Screenplay: Adriano Bolzoni
  • Cinematography: Aldo Scavarda (and Alfio Contini ? ) [Eastmancolor - Cromoscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino [as Francesco Lavagnino]
  • Producer: Paolo Moffa [as Paul Mough]


An Italian Super8 version exists (Florence Film), source.


Red and Carrancho, after escaping from jail, reach the border to Mexico and are hired by Morton, a rich silver mine owner. Disgusted by the latter's cruelty, especially against the local peones, the two support a revolt organized with the aid of Mrs. Vivian, wife of the ruthless tyrant.


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