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Pauli Hirtolahti - (Forum Profile | Database page | Contributions)

As I'm known as a sick and deviant dvd trader I have obsession to collect every spaghetti western ever made. So far my collection is circa 500 titles. I'm also interested in other eurocult movies, art house cinema and old horror films. I am from Finland.

  • Pauli's name in the database is Bill san Antonio.

Check my spaghetti western dvd's at

My top20 spaghetti westerns

Oatitw.jpg Greatsilence-mac.jpg Dollarsmoreuk.jpg Facetoface-mac.jpg

Cimiterosenzacroci-mac.jpg Djangouk.jpg Keomadt.jpg Nobody-mac.jpg

Gbu.jpg Gottvergibt.jpg Companeros.jpg Bandidos-mac.jpg

Fistfuldynamite.jpg Returnringo-mac.jpg Elpuro.jpg 10000massacre-mac.jpg

Fistfuluk.jpg Preparatilabara.jpg Dayofanger.jpg Halleluja-mac.jpg

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