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On the forum my name is Col. Douglas Mortimer

My Personal Spaghetti Western Report Card

Grading SW's that I have seen, based on Action and Fun, Direction and Atmosphere, Story and Script and Premise, Actors and Characters, Music, Locations and Scenary and Sets

For a Few Dollars More [A+] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly [A+] A Fistful of Dollars [A+] Once Upon a Time in the West [A+] The Big Gundown [A+] Death Rides a Horse [A] Sabata [A] My Name is Nobody [A] Day of Anger [A] They Call Him Cemetery [A] Light the Fuse, Sartana is Coming [A] If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death [A] And God Said to Cain [A] Keoma [A] Have a Good Funeral My Friend, Sartana Will Pay [B+] Django [B+] No Room to Die [B+] Tequila Joe [B] The Stranger's Gundown [B] The Stranger Returns [B] 32 Caliber Killer [B] Garringo [B] The Return of Ringo [B] A Pistol For Ringo [B] $10,000 Blood Money [B] I am Sartana Your Angel of Death [B] Face to Face [B] A Stranger in Paso Bravo [B] Cry for Revenge [B] Sartana's Here, Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin [B] Two Pistols for a Coward [B] Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die [B] Man of the East [C+] The Great Silence [C+] A Man Called Django [C+] A Coffin for the Sheriff [C+] Django Strikes Again [C+] There's a Noose Waiting for You Trinity [C+] Massacre Time [C+] Johnny Hamlet [C+] Trinity is Still My Name [C+] Mannaja: A Man Called Blade [C+] One Silver Dollar [C+] California [C+] Death Sentence [C+] Apocalypse Joe [C+] The Grand Duel [C+] A Few Dollars For Django [C+] A Long Ride From Hell [C+] A Stranger in Town [C+] Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe [C+] Django Shoots First [C+] The Unholy Four [C] Hole in the Forehead [C] Johnny Yuma [C] Pistol for a Hundred Coffins [C] For $100,000 Per Killing [C] Bandidos [C] The Price of Power [C] Blood at Sundown [C] Jonathan of the Bears [C] Killer Kid [C] The Moment to Kill [C] They Call Me Hallelujah [C] Viva Django [C] Ace High [C] Yankee [C] They Call Me Trinity [C] His Name Was Holy Ghost [C] The Silent Stranger [C] Alive or Preferably Dead [C] A Reason to Live A Reason to Die [C] Red Sun [C] Any Gun Can Play [C] I'll Sell My Skin Dearly [C] Killer Adios [C] Silver Saddle [C] Duck You Sucker [C] Arizona Colt [C] Arizona Colt Returns [C] Days of Violence [C] Reverend Colt [C] Sonora [C] Kill or Be Killed [C] God in Heaven, Arizona on Earth [C] Ringo, Face of Revenge [C] Shoot Gringo Shoot [C] I'll Forgive You Before I Kill You [D+] Gatling Gun (D+) Gentleman Killer [D+] The Specialist [D+] Sonny and Jed [D+] The Forgotten Pistolero [D+] Johnny Oro [D+] Django the Last Killer [D+] Payment in Blood [D+] Seven Dollars to Kill [D+] Nest of Vipers [D+] Cjamango [D+] Taste of Killing [D+] I Want Him Dead [D+] Kill and Pray [D+] Sugar Colt [D+] Beyond the Law [D+] Shango [D+] Charge [D+] A Bullet for Sandoval [D+] Blindman [D+] God Forgives, I Don't [D+] Blood Money [D+] Vengeance Trail [D+] Texas, Adios [D+] Dead Men Ride [D+] Train for Durango [D+] God Made Them, I Kill Them [D+] Born to Kill [D+] Black Killer [D] The Price of Death [D] Adios Sabata [D] Return of Sabata [D] Red Blood Yellow Gold [D] Don't Wait Django Shoot [D] Why Go On Killing [D] A Name that Cried Revenge [D] The Taste of Vengeance [D] His Name was King [D] Roy Colt and Winchester Jack [F] Sartana in the Valley of Death [F] Bounty Hunter in Trinity [F] A Minute to Pray A Second to Die [F] Troublemakers [F] Boot Hill [F] El Puro [F] The Stranger Gets Mean [F] There Was a Man Called Invincible [F]

Ratings Legend: A+:90-100.Outstanding. The elite few that defines the entire genre. Leone Territory. Oscar worthy. Just about perfect.

A:80-89. Excellent. A landmark film among the top 10 finest examples of the genre. Not just a great Spaghetti Western, but a great Western. Nearly flawless.

B+:75-79 B:70-74. Very Good. A classic of the genre with one or two minor flaws. Among the top 25-30 top films in the genre.

C+:65-69 C:60-64. Good. Solid, well made, enjoyable, above average western with one or two flaws.

D+:55-59 D:50-55. Fair. Average SW. Not bad but not good either. One or two major flaws. Run of the mill SW.

F:0-49.Poor.Turkey. Below average. A bad movie. Very flawed. Not enjoyable. Fidani Territory.

Favourite SW Leading Actors

1.Lee Van Cleef 2.Clint Eastwood 3.Gianni Garko 4.Anthony Steffen 5.Franco Nero 6.William Berger 7.Giuliano Gemma 8.Peter Lee Lawrence 9.Terence Hill 10.Henry Fonda

Honourable Mention: Klaus Kinski, Charles Bronson, Gian Maria Volonte, Tony Anthony, George Martin, John Phillip Law, George Hilton, Mark Damon, Bud Spencer, Steve Reeves, Gilbert Roland, Anthony Ghidra

Favourite SW Directors

1. Sergio Leone 2. Giuliano Carnimeo 3. Tonino Valerii 4. Sergio Sollima 5. Gianfranco Parolini 6. Enzo G. Castellari 7. Sergio Garrone 8. Duccio Tessari 9. Giulio Petroni 10. Antonio Margheriti

Honourable Mention: Rafael Romero Marchent, Luigi Vanzi, Enzo Barboni, Sergio Corbucci, Alfonso Brescia, Romolo Guerrieri, Salvatore Rosso, Mario Caiano, Giorgio Ferroni, Enzo Dell'Aquila

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