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I was and still am a great film buff, and the western was always my favorite genre. My ongoing passion for the genre got new nourishment since I developed a special love for the Italian variant of the western a few years ago. Entertainment that's what life is about and I think I will have a great future.

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Spaghetti Westerns for a better world:

1 Once Upon a Time in the West Leone, Sergio 2 The Good, the Bad, the Ugly Leone, Sergio 3 The Mercenary Corbucci, Sergio 4 The Great Silence Corbucci, Sergio 5 Cemetery Without Crosses Hossein, Robert 6 My Name is Nobody Leone, Sergio/Valerii, T. 7 A Fistful of Dollars Leone, Sergio 8 El Puro Mulargia, Edoardo 9 For a Few Dollars More Leone, Sergio 10 Companeros Corbucci, Sergio 11 Django Corbucci, Sergio 12 Boot Hill Colizzi, Giuseppe 13 A Bullet for the General Damiani, Damiano 14 Blindman Baldi, Ferdinando 15 Duck, You Sucker! / A Fistful of Dynamite Leone, Sergio 16 Django Kill…If You Live, Shoot! Questi, Giulio 17 The Big Gundown Sollima, Sergio 18 Matalo! Canevari, Cesare 19 The Last Killer Vari, Giuseppe 20 Duel in the Eclipse Merino, Jose Luis 21 Run Man, Run Sollima, Sergio 22 God Forgives…I Don't Colizzi, Giuseppe 23 A Bullet for Sandoval Buchs, Julio 24 Ace High Colizzi, Giuseppe 25 The Specialists Corbucci, Sergio 26 10 000 Dollars Blood Money Girolami, Romolo 27 A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die Giraldi, Franco 28 The Return of Ringo Tessari, Duccio 29 And God Said to Cain Margheriti, Antonio 30 Face to Face Sollima, Sergio 31 John the Bastard Crispino, Armando 32 Trinity is Still My Name Barboni, Enzo 33 Man of the East Barboni, Enzo 34 Shoot, Gringo…Shoot! Corbucci, Bruno 35 Today it's Me…Tomorrow You Cervi, Tonino 36 Navajo Joe Corbucci, Sergio 37 A Stranger in Town Vanzi, Luigi 38 The Stranger Returns Vanzi, Luigi 39 Johnny Yuma Girolami, Romolo 40 God Does Not Pay on Saturday / Kill the Wicked Boccia, Tanio 41 They Call Me Hallelujah / Heads I Kill You, Tails You Die Carnimeo, Giuliano 42 A Pistol for Ringo Tessari, Duccio 43 Django Shoots First De Martino, Alberto 44 Have a Good Funeral, My Friend…Sartana Will Pay Carnimeo, Giuliano 45 The Bounty Killer Martin, Eugenio 46 Bandidos Dallamano, Massimo 47 Black Jack Baldanello, Gianfranco 48 Adios Sabata Parolini, Gianfranco 49 Long Days of Vengeance Vancini, Florestano 50 Keoma Castellari, Enzo G. 51 Django the Bastard / Stranger's Gundown Garrone, Sergio 52 Dead Men Ride Florio, Aldo 53 Four of the Apocalypse Fulci, Lucio 54 If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death Parolini, Gianfranco 55 The Forgotten Pistolero Baldi, Ferdinando 56 The Dirty Outlaws Rossetti, Franco 57 15 Scaffolds for the Killer Malasomma, Nunzio 58 The Return of Sabata Parolini, Gianfranco 59 Tepepa Petroni, Giulio 60 A Bullet in the Forehead Vari, Giuseppe 61 Train for Durango Caiano, Mario 62 Go With God, Gringo Mulargia, Edoardo 63 Pistoleros Caltabiano, Alfio 64 They Call me Trinity Barboni, Enzo 65 Death Sentence Lanfranchi, Mario 66 The Price of Power Valerii, Tonino 67 Cost of Dying / Taste of Death Merolle, Sergio 68 Day of Anger Valerii, Tonino 69 The Silent Stranger Vanzi, Luigi 70 Kill and Pray Lizzani, Carlo 71 Death Rides a Horse / Man to Man Petroni, Giulio 72 Johnny Hamlet Castellari, Enzo G. 73 Yankee Brass, Tinto 74 The Ruthless Four Capitani, Giorgio 75 Sabata Parolini, Gianfranco 76 Massacre Time Fulci, Lucio 77 My Name is Pecos Lucidi, Maurizio 78 China 9, Liberty 37 Hellman, Monte 79 The Taste of Violence Hossein, Robert

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