Víbora caliente

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Víbora caliente (Mexico, 1976) Director: Fernando Durán Rojas

  • Runtime: 91 min.
  • Release Date: February 16, 1978 (Mexico)

Also known as

Hot Snake

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Eric del Castillo (Emiliano), Christa Linder (Eva), Carlos East (John Jenkins), Ricardo Noriega (Eric), Noé Murayama (Miranda), Jorge Russek (Sheriff), Monica Miguel (Ramona), Carlos Bravo y Fernández (Cantinero) (as Carlos Bravo), Ponciano del Castillo (Chamaco), Federico Falcón (Capitán), Gustavo Negrete (Jacinto) (as Gustavo del Castillo), Raúl Hernández (Militar asesinado), Antonio Leo (Indio anciano), Diana Herrera (La viuda), Ángel de la Peña (as Ángel de la Peña), Magnolia Rivas (María), Ernesto Juárez, Fernando Pinkus (Empleado cantina), Óscar Saro (Teniente) (as Oscar Zaro), José L. Murillo (Borracho cantina) (uncredited)
  • Screenplay: Antonio Orellana, Eric del Castillo
  • Cinematography: Raúl Domínguez
  • Music: Nacho Méndez


A sadistic and ruthless outlaw has been terrorizing the town of Hot Snake. A bounty hunter named Emiliano is hired by the local sheriff to hunt down the outlaw after he murders a woman and steals money belonging to the Army. Warned by a local bruja (witch) not to take the bounty, Emiliano soon finds himself the target of a mysterious man who seeks to settle a personal vendetta.

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