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To some Compañeros is only a remake of Corbucci’s own The Mercenary, others have ranked it among his very best work. It’s probably his most personal and deeply felt movie, as well as a true exhibition of his art. It’s lively, colourful, funny, violent and - last but not least - meaningful. While the esthetic qualities of the movie were recognized immediately, most critics have overlooked the film’s intelligent and complex structure.

This SPECIAL tries to do full justice to a movie that has still not been rated at its true value. There’s an in-depth FILM REVIEW in which the artistic value and the political meaning of the movie are analyzed. For those who still want to know more about it, there’s a BONUS PAGE with some notes on the Mexican Revolution, as well as info on the philosophical background of the movie, the Spanish locations on which it was shot (and how they look today) and the various versions released over the years, both theatrically and on DVD. Finally, there’s a page with the full text of the famous TITLE SONG, Vamos a Matar, Compañeros, including an English translation and a clip that will allow you to sing along...

...The Spaghetti western Database goes Karaoke!
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