Vendetta è il mio perdono, La

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La vendetta è il mio perdono (Italy 1968 / Director: Roberto Mauri)

Also known as

Shotgun (USA) | Vengeance Is My Forgiveness (USA) | La venganza y mi perdon (Spain) | La vengeance est mon pardon (France) | Django - Sein letzter Gruß (Germany) | Django - Das Lied des Todes (German VHS title) | A Vingança é o Meu Perdão (Portugal) | A Desforra é meu Perdão (Brazil) | Banditterne i Laredo (Denmark) | Sheriffens blodiga hämnd (Sweden) | Kostaja Palo Altosta (Finland)
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In a small western town our hero Durango (Tab Hunter) delivers his prisoner to the jailhouse and then goes to the local saloon where the lady saloon owner Joanne has eyes only for him. But Durango only has eyes for his bride-to-be Lucy. Four masked men attack Lucy's father's farm and steal Lucy's dowry. They kill Lucy and her parents after the father strips the face mask from one of the bandits. A pocket watch is stripped from one of the bandits by Lucy's father and this is the only clue that Durango will have to revenge his love... With Joanne's help can Durango avenge himself? - (Taken from the Today Home Entertainment-Allied Artists VHS release)


  • Cast (Italian): Tab Hunter (Sheriff Durango), Erika Blanc [as Erika Blank] (Joanne/Jane), Piero Lulli (John Kildare/Kindar), Mimmo Palmara (Jack Owen/Quartz), Daniele Vargas (Doctor Frank Decker), Renato Romano (Fred Mulligan), Dada Gallotti (Mary, Mulligan fiancee), Alfredo Rizzo (Curly, piano player), Solveyg D'Assunta [as Maria D'Assunta Solvey] (Maggie Decker), Ugo Sasso (James McLaine), Bernardo B. Solitari (Pedro, saloon employee), Franco Pasquetto (stagecoach gunman), Guglielmo Bogliani (sheriff of River City)
  • Uncredited actors: Giuliana Ruffini (dress shop proprietor), Osiride Pevarello (Juan, Mexican thief), Lina Franchi (Mexican woman), Sisto Brunetti (Mexican chief), Harold Miller Null (poker player), Mario Pascucci (Billy, poker player), Bruno Arié (saloon patron), Enrico Chiappafreddo (saloon patron), Gilberto Galimberti (Kildare henchman), Claudio Ruffini (Kildare henchman), Fortunato Arena (jailed outlaw), Antonio Danesi (stagecoach driver), Clemente Ukmar (saloon gunman)
  • Director: Roberto Mauri
  • Story: Roberto Mauri
  • Screenwriters: Tito Carpi, Francesco Degli Espinosa, Roberto Natale, Luciana Ridet
  • Cinematography: Franco Delli Colli, Mario Mancini [Eastmancolor]
  • Music: Giancarlo Rizzi [as B. Giancarlo]
  • Producer: Aurelio Serafinelli



  • Tagline
    • Revenge is the driving force in Shotgun. It's action packed and wilder than the wild bunch.

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 93 min

Release Dates

  • March 23, 1968 (Italy)

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