Vivo per la tua morte

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Vivo per la tua morte (Italy 1968 / Director: Camillo Bazzoni)

Also known as

A Long Ride from Hell (USA) | I Live for Your Death (USA) | Ich bin ein entflohener Kettensträfling (Germany) | Killer auf der Flucht (Germany) | Zum Tode begnadigt | Der entflohene Kettensträfling | Dispara o cavate la fosa (Italy) | Guarda tu pistola Judas (Spain) | L'evade de Yuma (France) | Cehennemde firtina (Turkey) | Vivo para a tua morte (Portugal) | Veriset dollarit (Finland) | Vivo Pela Tua Morte (Brazil) | 地獄の一匹狼 Jigoku no ippikiokami (Japan)
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Mike Sturges, his brother Roy, and a ranch foreman named Bobcat, go after the horse thieves who have stolen their entire herd. Instead, they are double-crossed and thrown in Yuma Prison where his brother dies. Mike escapes from jail, and is hell-bent with vengeance.


  • Cast (Italian): Steve Reeves (Mike Sturges), Wayde Preston (Marlin Mayner), Mimmo Palmara [as Dick Palmer] (Sheriff Max Freeman), Silvana Venturelli (Ruth Harper), Guido Lollobrigida [as Lee Burton] (Deputy Sheriff Harry), Rosalba Neri (Encarnation), Enzo Fiermonte (Baldy Morris), Nello Pazzafini [as Ted Carter] (Bill Savage), Silvana Bacci (Naco saloon girl), Mario Maranzana (Naco bartender), Spartaco Conversi (Bobcat Bates), Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia (Sturges cowboy), Franco Balducci (Mason, prisoner), Emma Baron Cerlesi (Mrs. Sturges), Bruno Corazzari (Shorty), Sergio de Vecchi (Roy Sturges), Franco Fantasia (Castleman)
  • Uncredited actors: Remo De Angelis (Tracy, Sturges foreman [credited as stunt director]), Aldo Sambrell (Mexican bounty hunter), Rafael Albaicín (prisoner), Simón Arriaga (prisoner), Guillermo Méndez (prisoner), Lorenzo Robledo (prison guard), Angelo Boscariol (prison guard), Fortunato Arena (tavern customer), Giglio Gigli (Freeman deputy), Tomás Torres (railroad inspector)
  • Director: Camillo Bazzoni [as Alex Burks]
  • Adapted from: "Judas Gun" by Gordon D. Shirreffs
  • Screenplay: Roberto Natale, Steve Reeves
  • Cinematography: Enzo Barboni [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,66:1]
  • Music: Carlo Savina
  • Song: "Go West, Young Man" sung by Don Powell
  • Producer: Manolo Bolognini



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  • April 5, 1968 (Italy)

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