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Wanted (Italy 1967 / Director: Giorgio Ferroni [as Calvin I. Padget])

  • Runtime: 104 min
  • Release Date: 22.3.1967

Also known as

Wanted (Germany) | Für drei lumpige Dollar (Germany) | No soy un asesino (Spain) | O perseguido (Portugal) | Desperados för dollar (Sweden) | Wanted, le recherche (France) | Wanted - El Cobra (Austria) | Wanted - mieluummin kuolleena (Finland) | Minha Lei é Matar ou Morrer (Brazil) | O Procurado (Brazil) | 荒野の一つ星 (Japan) | Wanted - Se busca vivo o muerto | Wanted: Buscado Vivo o Muerto (Argentina)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Giuliano Gemma (Gary Ryan), Germán Cobos (Martin Heywood), Teresa Gimpera (Evelyn Baker), Serge Marquand (Fred Lloyd), Daniele Vargas (Mayor Samuel Gold), Gia Sandri (Cheryl Sandor), Nello Pazzafini (Padre Carmelo), Benito Stefanelli (Bob Baker), Carlo Hinterman [as Carlo Hintermann](Judge Morton Anderson), Furio Meniconi (Jeremiah Prescott), Tullio Altamura (Ellis, banker), Riccardo Pizzuti (Matthews), Rosella Orr, Marco Bogliani, Franco Balducci (henchman), Piero Capanna, Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia [as Ivan Stratuglia](gold wagon guard), Andrea Fantasia (Amos Sutton), Bruno Arié (rustler), Carlo Pisacane (Mexican prophet), Elio Angelucci (election attendee), Fortunato Arena (Poorland barman), Gino Marturano (Joe, henchman), Giuseppe Castellano (Poorland wagon loader), Luciano Bonanni (Duncan, deputy), Lucio De Santis (henchman), Luigi Ciavarro (henchman), Nestor Cavaricci (Mexican), Osiride Pevarello (henchman), Pietro Tordi (Pete Collins, Owell Rocks barman), Spartaco Conversi (Owell Rocks patron), Umberto Raho (Concho Diaz), Nino Vingelli
  • Screenplay: Fernando Di Leo, Augusto Finocchi, Remigio Del Grosso
  • Cinematography: Antonio Secchi [as Toni Secchi] [Eastmancolor - Totalscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Gianni Ferrio
  • Assistant director: Ruggero Deodato


Giuliano Gemma, appointed sheriff of Greenfield, is unjustly accused of murder and forced to flee. The man behind the false charge is a lurid figure who leads a band of cattle rustlers. Our hero tries to prove his innocence by getting rid of his enemies one by one.


The last of the eight early (and very successful) westerns which Giuliano Gemma made within 2 years in quick succession. It was his third (and also his last) collaboration with veteran director Giorgio Ferroni, and like his 2 higher valued predecessors it is also a rather naive film, which tells an uncomplicated and old fashioned story in an antiquated style. The nonetheless entertaining film has an unusual wintery atmosphere (but a few scenes shot in a sunny Spain don't match with the rest) and due to a higher budget, generally compelling photography and production design. // by Stanton

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