Welcome to Blood City

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Welcome to Blood City (UK, Canada 1977 / Director: Peter Sasdy)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Blood City Poster.jpeg Contents:

Also known as

Bem Vindos à  Cidade Maligna (Brazil) | Willkommen in der blutigen Stadt (West Germany) | Blood City (USA)


A group of five people find themselves in a bizzare western town where status is awarded according to the number of people they can kill. With no knowledge of where they are other than a card in each of their pockets informing them that they are each convicted murderers, things quickly get out of hand. Caught in a ruthless game of survival the five must fight their way out, but not all of them will make it out alive....

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Jack Palance (Frendlander), Keir Dullea (Lewis), Samantha Eggar (Katherine), Barry Morse (Supervisor), Hollis McLaren (Martine), Chris Wiggins (Gellor), Ken James
  • Written by: Stephen Schneck, Michael Winder
  • Music: Roy Budd


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