Wer kennt Jonny R.?

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Wer kennt Jonny R.? (Spain, West Germany 1966 / Director: José Luis Madrid)

  • Runtime: 91 min
  • Release Date: 19.05.1966

Also known as

La balada de Johnny Ringo (Spain) | Wer kennt Jonny Ringo? (Germany) | 5000$ für den Kopf von Jonny R. (Germany) | Johnny Ringo (West Germany) (working title) | Una bara per Ringo (Italy) | Una bara per Johnny Ringo (Italy) | Johnny Ringo - död eller levande (Sweden) | Kuka tappoi Johnny Ringon? (Finland) | Hledá se Johnny "R" (Czech Republic) | Who Killed Johnny R.? (U.S.A.) | Who Killed Johnny Ringo | Johnny Ringo O Matador (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Lex Barker (Sam Dobie), Joachim Fuchsberger (Clyde Smith), Marianne Koch (Bea Burdette), Ralf Wolter (Billy Monroe), Barbara Bold (Cathy Carmichael), Sieghardt Rupp (Captain Jason Conroy), César Ojinaga (Thorpe, troublemaker), Vicente Soler (Kowalski), Carlos Otero (Mason, bathhouse owner), Isidro Novellas (Tombstone sheriff), Montserrat Porta, Francisco Nieto (Ringo bandit), Alberto Gadea, José Fiol, Augusto Fernández, Gabriel Espinosa, Francisco Cebrián, Roger Justafré, Francisco Aguilera, Rafael 'Indio' González Jr., Joaquín Navales, Dámaso Muni, Ví­ctor Bayo, Angel Maya, Mary Carmen Castro, Allen Pinson [as Alain Pinson], Miguel Gracia, Antonio Jiménez Escribano (Leadville shopkeeper), Juan Antonio Rubio
  • Story: Carson Wiley
  • Screenplay: Peter Achilles, José Luis Madrid
  • Cinematography: Julio Pérez de Rozas [Eastmancolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Federico Martínez Tudó


Euro-Western from the sixties about an assumed-dead outlaw who wants to implicate a totally innocent man to pay for the crimes that he has committed in order to give the slip to his avengers and persecutors.

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