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De Wigwam (Brandende Straal) (The Netherlands 1912 / Director: Joris Ivens)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

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Publicity still (?) for De Wigwam

Also known as

English title: Wigwam | Flaming Arrow | French title: La hutte de wigwam (France) | Fleche ardente (France) | Spanish title: El Tipi (Flecha Ardiente) | Portuguese title: Wigwam (Raio Brilhante) | Brandende Straal (Netherlands)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Joris Ivens (Brandende Straal/Flaming Arrow), Peter Ivens, Dorothea Ivens, Hans Ivens, Theodora Ivens, Jacoba Ivens, Willem Ivens
  • Story: Joris Ivens
  • Screenplay: Joris Ivens
  • Camera operator: Kees Ivens [black & white]
  • Producer: Joris Ivens


A good Indian (Brandende Straal/Flaming Arrow) jumps into action, when a bad Indian (Zwarte Adelaar/Black Eagle) kidnaps the young daughter of white farmers. After rescueing the child, a peace-pipe is smoked at Flaming Arrow's wigwam.


Director Joris Ivens was only thirteen years old when cowboys-and-Indians-movies inspired him to write, direct and star in this eight minute, black and white, silent short. His father, Kees Ivens, presumably used a Pathé-camera (35mm) from his own photography store CAPI. The rest of the Ivens family formed the supporting cast. De Wigwam (Brandende Straal) is the first Dutch western. It is also the only movie that Joris Ivens shot in his birthplace Nijmegen.


"My first movie, a story about Red Indians, of course." Joris Ivens


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