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Wild West

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Wild West (1999, Director: Nicky Ranieri)

Country: Italy

Also known as

Carovana della violenza, La (Italy) | Sexo en el carruaje (Venezuela), Les Sauvageonnes (France) | Les chiennes aboient, la caravane passé... (France) | Cacciatori di Taglie (Italy) | Wild West (Germany) | Bad Girls of the West | Bounty Hunter | Wild Bitches

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Laura Angel, Anita Black (as Mary Landers), Helen Box, Daniel Córdova, Philippe Dean, Ennio Fantoni, Henry Fonte, Janette Janson, Franco Ludovisi, Francesco Malcom (as Frank Mallone), Patricia Golem, Monica Roccaforte, Bruno Sx, Nicky Ranieri (as Melinda Herminez), Sandra Wicked
  • Story:
  • Screenplay:
  • Cinematography: Tony Volla [color]
  • Music:
  • Producer: Giancarlo Bini

A bounty hunter and a sheriff take every lawbreaking woman they come across.

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