Winnetou - Der letzt Kampf

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Winnetou - Der letzt Kampf is part three of a TV-Trilogy reimagining the Karl May stories, airing on German TV RTL over Christmas 2016. The first part is called Winnetou - Eine neue Welt, part two is called Winnetou - Das Geheimnis vom Silbersee.

Cast and credits

  • Director: Philipp Stölzl
  • Cast: Wotan Wilke Möhring (Old Shatterhand), Nik Xhelilaj (Winnetou), Jürgen Vogel (Josef Rattler), Gojko Mitic (Intschu Tschuna), Mario Adorf (Santer Senior)
  • Music: ?
  • Teleplay: Jan Berger, Alexander M. Rümelin

Also known as

  • Winnetous Tod
  • Winnetou - Der Mythos lebt (Title of the TV Event and home video release of the trilogy)

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