Winnetou I

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Winnetou I (West Germany, Italy, France 1963 / Director: Harald Reinl)

  • Runtime: 108 min
  • Release Date: 11.12.1963 (Germany), 15.1.1964 (Italy)

Also known as

Winnetou - 1. Teil | Apache Gold (USA) | Winnetou the Warrior (UK. | La valle dei lunghi coltelli (Italy) | Vinetu I (Serbia) | Winnetou the Warrior (UK) | Złoto Apaczów (Poland) | La revolte des indiens apaches (France) | Furia Apache (Spain) | Vinnetou (Czechoslovakia) | Winnetou (Finland) | Winnetou - L'invincible peau-rouge (Belgium) | Winnetou - A Lei Dos Apaches (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Pierre Brice (Winnetou), Lex Barker (Old Shatterhand), Mario Adorf (Frederic Santer), Marie Versini (Nscho-tschi), Walter Barnes (Bill Jones), Ralf Wolter (Sam Hawkens), Mavid Popovic (Instschu-tschuna), Dunja Rajter (Belle), Chris Howland (Lord Jefferson Tufftuff), Branko Špoljar (Bancroft), Hrvoje Svob (Klekih-petra), Tomislav Erac (Tangua), Demeter Bitenc (Dick Stone), Husan Cokic (Will Parker), Niksa Stefanini (Bullock), Ilija Ivecic (Joaquin), Teddy Sotosek (Randolf), Vlado Krctulovic (Harvey), Antun Nalis (bartender Hicks), Ana Kranjcec (Vollmond), Dusko Dobudj (Black Eagle), Sime Jagarinac (Apache), Miro Buhin (track layer), Ivo Kristof (railroad worker), Karl Dall (man in saloon), Gojko Mitic
  • Story: Karl May
  • Screenplay: Harald G. Petersson
  • Cinematography: Ernst W. Kalinke [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Martin Böttcher
  • Producer: Horst Wendlandt


Winnetou I | Winnetou II | Winnetou III


The construction of the Great Western Railroad, in the middle of the 19th century in the American West, creates heavy conflicts between settlers, the railway company and neighbouring Indian tribes. This is when criminal gang leader Santer (Mario Adorf) sets his eyes on a gold mine, which is located on holy Indian land. He then influences the construction supervisor, to change original planning and alter the railroad route straight through the Apache land. Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker), who works as a measurement technician for the Railroad society, discovers the evil plan and contacts with the Indians, in order to unite against the gangsters.


This was the first of a series of adaptations of Karl May's great travel novels. It starts the tale of Winnetou the Apache hero and Old Shatterhand (Karl May's alter ego), his white brother. A nice story full of adventure, and Reinl establishes his special brand of adventure/tale/sauerkraut-western. A must see, especially for people interested in German westerns. --Sebastian 16:12, 25 Aug 2005 (CEST)

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