Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold

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Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold (Spain, USA 1984 / Director: Matt Cimber)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Yellowhair.jpg Contents:

Also known as

A Guerreira de Indiana Jones (Brazil) | As Amazonas do Templo de Ouro (Portugal) | Pelo amarillo y Pecos Kid (Mexico) | Der Tempel des blutigen Goldes (West Germany) | Yellow Hair & Pecos Kid (Spain) | Yellow Hair - kultatukka (Finland)(video title) | Yellow Hair and the Pecos Kid | イエローヘアー/黄金の首 VHS title (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Laurene Landon, Ken Roberson, Cihangir Gaffari (as John Ghaffari), Luis Lorenzo, Claudia Gravy (as Claudia Gravi), Aldo Sambrell (as Aldo Sambrel), Eduardo Fajardo, Ramiro Oliveros, Suzannah Woodside, Concha Márquez Piquer, Antonio Tarruella (as Tony Tarruella), Daniel Martin, Mario De Abros, Román Ariznavarreta (as Roman Ariz-Navarreta), Pablo Garci­a Ortega (as Pablo G. Ortega), Joaquín López, Juan Gomez Fernández, Juan G. Delgado, Alfonso María Delgado (as Alfonso M. Delgado), Florencio Amarilla, Fernando Barrilado, Paloma Gómez, José Truchado Jr., Benito Pavón, Frank Braña (uncredited)


In this often violent, undistinguished western, Yellow Hair (Laurene Landon) and her cohort the Pecos Kid (Ken Roberson) are out to wrest some gold from the hands of the Tulipan nation but have to battle a Mexican general and several others, as well as the Tulipan themselves before they can even think of getting their hands on the treasure. Knowledge is on their side since they were raised by an Apache woman, and although Yellow Hair is more than just an average warrior-women, she is in just an average film, at best.

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