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  • Director: Romolo Guerrieri
  • Music: Nora Orlandi
  • Written by: Franco Fogagnolo, Ernesto Gastaldi, Luciano Martino, Sauro Scavolini
  • Cinematography: Federico Zanni
  • Producer: Mino Loy, Luciano Martino
  • Film editing: Sergio Montanari
  • Production design: Riccardo Domenici


  • Gary Hudson as Django
  • Loredana Nuscia as Mijanou
  • Claudio Camaso as Manuel Vasquez <-- Vasqiez on IMDb, this incorrect, Vasquez on warrant
  • Adriana Ambesi as Dolores Mendoza <-- Mendossa in English subtitles which seems unlikely spelling
  • Pinuccio Ardia as Sette Dollari <-- Seven Dollars in English subtitles, Sieben Dollar in German track
  • Fidel Gonzales as Fidelio
  • Franco Lantieri as Juan
  • Massimo Sarchielli as Cisco
  • Ermelinda De Felice as Rosita <-- LaPola on IMDb, this name does not seem to be mentioned, Sancho does say something but's it's definitely not LaPola
  • Dada Gallotti as Scarface's Whore
  • Franco Bettella
  • ldo Cecconi as Scarface
  • Renato Montalbano

Peggy Nathan

  • Nando Poggi as Vasquez Henchman
  • Mirko Valentin as Vasquez Henchman <-- Cisco on IMDb, this is incorrect, Cisco is Massimo Sarchielli
  • Fernando Sancho as Manuel's Father <-- at one point the subtitles say "they call me Stardust". I do hear something like "Polvere di Stelle" in Italian track but I have no idea what the sentence is.
  • Rocco Lerro as Joe (uncredited)
  • Jimmy il Fenomeno as Bartender (uncredited) <-- thank god this afwul "actor" doesn't get any actual screentime, 1 quick shot of his moronic face
  • Herman Reynoso as Mendoza (uncredited)

(Based on Italian track of German DVD. Onscreen credits are in Italian. All names are the same in German track except nicknames.)

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