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A Fistful of Pasta (fistfulofpasta.com) was a spaghetti western website created by J.D. Ryan. In June 2019, approximately six years after the website became inactive, it was jointly decided to find a permanent home for all its articles at the SWDb. This page is an ongoing effort to re-integrate and preserve the reviews and articles published there into the SWDb so they live on and find readers.

Web Archive

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  • $10,000 Blood Money (J.D.)
  • 13th is a Judas (J.D.)
  • A Fistful of Dollars (Scherpshutter)
  • A Hole in the Forehead (Scherpschutter)
  • A Man Called Noon (Scherpschutter)
  • A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die (J.D.)
  • And For a Roof, A Sky Full of Stars (J.D.)
  • And for a Roof, A Sky Full of Stars (Scherpschutter)
  • And God Said to Cain (J.D.)
  • And God Said to Cain (Len Liu)
  • And Now... Make Your Peace With God (J.D.)
  • And Then... A Time for Killing (J.D.)
  • Any Gun Can Play (Scherpschutter)
  • Arizona Colt (J.D.)
  • Arizona Colt Returns (J.D.)

Bandidos (Scherpschutter) Barquero (Scherpschutter) Barrel Full of Dollars, A (J.D.) Beyond the Law (J.D.) Big Gundown, The (J.D.) Black Jack (Scherpschutter) Blindman (Scherpschutter) Blindman (J.D.) Blood Calls to Blood (J.D.) Boot Hill (Scherpschutter) Bullet for Sandoval, A (Scherpschutter) Bullets Don't Argue (B.J.)


California (B.J.) California (J.D.) Cemetery Without Crosses (J.D.) Challege of the McKennas (Scherpschutter) Cjamango (Len Liu) Clint the Stranger (J.D.) Coffin for the Sheriff, A (J.D.) Cut Throats Nine (J.D.) Cutthroats Nine (The Western Guru)


Day of Anger (J.D.) Dead Men Don't Count (Len Liu) Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears (J.D.) Death is Sweet from the Soldier of God (J. D.) Death Rides a Horse (Scherpschutter) Death Rides a Horse (Western Guru) Death Sentence (B.J.) Dig Your Grave, Friend, Sabata is Coming (J.D.) Dirty Outlaws, The (J.D.) Django (J.D.) Django Against Sartana (Len Liu) Django Kill, If You Live, Shoot! (J.D.) Django Shoots First (J.D.) Django Strikes Again (B.J.) Django the Bastard (J.D.) Django the Bastard (Len Liu) Don't Turn The Other Cheek! (J.D.) Drummer of Vengeance (J.D.) Duck, You Sucker (J.D.)


El Puro (Scherpschutter)


Face to Face (J.D.) Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe, The (J.D.) For a Few Dollars More (B.J.) For a Few Dollars More (J.D.) Four Dollars of Revenge (J.D.) Four of the Apocalypse (J.D.)


Gatling Gun (J.D.) God's Gun (Tuco the Terrible) Grand Duel, The (J.D.) Great Silence, The (J.D.) Great Silence, The (Len Liu)


Hate Thy Neighbor (J.D.) Hills Run Red, The (J.D.) His Name Was Holy Ghost (J.D.)


I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death (J.D.) I Want Him Dead (J.D.) If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death (J.D.) In A Colt's Shadow (Scherpschutter) It Can Be Done, Amigo! (Scherpschutter)


Jonathan of the Bears (B.J.)


Kid Terror of the West (J.D.) Kid Vengeance (Sherpschutter) Kill Johnny Ringo (J.D.) Kill or Be Killed (J.D.) Kill The Poker Player! (J.D.) Kill Them All and Come Back Alone (Scherpschutter) Killer Calliber 32 (Len Liu)


Last of the Badmen (J.D.)


Man Called Apocalypse Joe, A (J.D.) Mannaja: A Man Called Blade (J.D.) Massacre Time (Len Liu) Matalo! (J.D.) Mercenary, The (J.D.) Minnesota Clay (Scherpschutter) Moment to Kill, The (Scherpschutter) My Name is Nobody (J.D.)


Navajo Joe (Scherpschutter) Night of the Serpent (Korano) Night of the Serpent (J.D.) No Room To Die (Len Liu) No Room to Die (J.D.)


Once Upon a Time in the West (Scherpschutter) One After The Other (Scherpschutter) One Damned Day at Dawn... Django Meets Sartana! (J.D.) One Silver Dollar (B.J.)

  • Pale Rider (Scherpschutter)
  • Pistol for Ringo, A (J.D.)
  • Pistoleros (Scherpschutter)
  • Price of Power (J.D.)

Red Coat (J.D.) Red Sun (Scherpschutter) Return of Clint the Stranger, The (J.D.) Return of Ringo, The (J.D.) Return of Shanghai Joe (J.D.) Ringo and His Golden Pistol (Scherpschutter) Run, Man, Run (J.D.)


Sabata (Scherpschutter) Sartana Kills Them All (J. D.) Sartana's Here, Trade Your Pistols for a Coffin (Len Liu) Sartana: Guide to the Official Films (Len Liu) Seven Dollars on the Red (Scherpschutter) Shane (Scherpschutter) Silver Saddle (korano) Son of Django (J.D.) Son of the Mountains (J.D.) Sonora (J.D.) Spaghetti Western Themes for Nylon String Guitar (J.D.) Spaghetti Western Themes for Nylon-String Gtr 2 (J.D.) Stranger and the Gunfighter, The (J.D.) Stranger in Town, A (J.D.) Stranger in Town, A (Scherpschutter) Sugar Colt (J.D.) Sukiyaki Western Django (B.J.)


Take a Hard Ride (J.D.) Taste of Killing, A (J.D.) Texas Adios (Scherpschutter) The Christmas Kid (J.D.) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Scherpschutter) The Good, The Bad, The Weird (J.D.) The Hellbenders (B.J.) The Magnificent Texan (J.D.) The Price (short film) (J.D.) The Proposition (Western Guru) The Sheriff of Rockspring (J.D.) They Call Him Cemetery (J.D.) They Call Me Hallelujah (J.D.) They Call Me Trinity (Scherpschutter) Three Musketeers of the West, The (J.D.) Today It's Me... Tomorrow It's You! (J.D.) Too Much Gold For One Gringo (J.D.) Train for Durango (Korano) Trinity is Still My Name (Scherpschutter) Two Faces of the Dollar (J.D.)


Ugly Ones, The (J.D.)


Vendetta at Dawn (J.D.) Vengeance (Scherpschutter) Vengeance Trail (Scherpschutter)


W Django! (J.D.) Wanted (J.D.)


Yankee (J.D.)


  • Once Upon a Time in Italy: The Westerns of Sergio Leone (J. D.)
  • Once Upon a Time in the Italian West: The Filmgoers' Guide to Spaghetti Westerns (B. J.)
  • Spaghetti Westerns: The Good, The Bad and the Violent (J. D.)
  • 10,000 Ways to Die: A Director's Take on the Spaghetti Western (J.D.)
  • Fistful of Feet (J.D.)
  • Spaghetti Westerns (J.D.)


  • Spaghetti Westerns and Politics (Scherpschutter)
  • Top 20 Essential Spaghetti Westerns, Part 1 (Scherpschutter)
  • Top 20 Essential Spaghetti Westerns, Part 2 (Scherpschutter)
  • Newsletter
  • Giallo
  • Spaghetti Western books
  • Arrow Video