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== Links ==
== Links ==
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* [ Internet Movie Database]

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A Talent for Loving (USA, UK 1969 / Director: Richard Quine)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Gun Crazy.jpg Contents:

Also known as

Talento por amor (Spain) | Gun Crazy (USA) | Az azték pap átka (Hungary)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Richard Widmark (Major Patten), Topol (General Molina), Geneviève Page (Delphine), Cesar Romero (Don Pedro), Fran Jeffries (Maria), Caroline Munro (Evalina), Derek Nimmo (Moodie), Max Showalter (Franklin), Joe Melia (Tortillaw), John Bluthal (Martinelli), Libby Morris (Jacaranda), Mircha Carven (Benito), Judd Hamilton (Jim), Marie Rogers (Marylyn), Janet Sorti (Florita), Milo Quesada (Don Patricio), Jack Brami (Mexican Bandit), Ricardo Montez (Bandit)
  • Original Novel Richard Condon
  • Screenplay: Jack Rose
  • Cinematography: Clifford Stine
  • Music: Ken Thorn
  • Producers: Walter Shenson, Leon Becker


Major Patten wins the hand of the beautiful daughter of Don Pedro and all the lands she inherits. Unfortunately, she suffers from a family curse which makes her amorously insatiable. A curse she passes on to their equally beautiful daughter. Meanwhile, the large stash of guns which Patten also inherits makes him the target of covetous Indians and the local bandit chief. This is a comedy western shot in Spain and produced by the same company who made both films featuring The Beatles. Amazingly, it was originally conceived as the next vehicle for the Fab Four but was eventually rejected.