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Alleluja e Sartana figli di... Dio

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Alleluja e Sartana figli di... Dio (Italy, West Germany 1972 / Director: Mario Siciliano)

Alleluja e Sartana figli di ... Dio.jpg
  • Runtime: 100 min
  • Release Date: 22.12.1972

Also known as

Alleluja & Sartana Are Sons... Sons of God (U.S.A.) | Halleluja and Sartana Strike Again! (U.S.A.) | A Hundred Fists and a Prayer (U.K.) | Masquerade of Thieves (U.S.A.) | Hundert Fäuste und ein Halleluja (Germany) | 100 Fäuste und ein Vaterunser (Germany) | 100 Fäuste und ein Halleluja (Germany, DVD re-issue) | Alleluia et Sartana, fils de... (France) | Aleluya y Sartana lel llamaban (Spain) | Los llamaben Aleluya y Sartana (Spain) | Halleluja ja Sartana - pirun pikkuveljet (Finland) | Hallelujah och Sartana - två mot alla (Sweden) | Allilouia enantion trinita (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Ron Ely (Alleluia/Hallelujah), Alberto Dell'Acqua (as Robert Widmark)(Sartana), Uschi Glas (Mrs. Gibbons), Angelica Ott (Therese), Ezio Marano (as Alan Abbott) ("Le Loup"/"The Wolf"), Wanda Vismara (Gertrude), Dan van Husen (as Werner van Husen)(bandit), Stelio Candelli (Reverend O'Connor), Dante Maggio (as Dan May) ("The General"), Enzo Andronico, Lars Bloch (Danish), Domenico Maggio ("Le Loup"/"The Wolf's" henchman), Carla Mancini (woman on stagecoach), Giulio Massimini, Furio Meniconi (as Fury Man), Giovanni Sabbatini, Sergio Testori, Artemio Antonini (uncredited), Roberto Dell'Acqua (uncredited), Nello Pazzafini ("Le Loup"/"The Wolf" henchman), Sergio Testori ("Le Loup"/"The Wolf" henchman), Osiride Pevarello (uncredited), Renzo Pevarello (uncredited), Pietro Torrisi (uncredited), Bruno Ukmar (uncredited), Franco Ukmar (uncredited), Giovanni Ukmar (uncredited), Rinaldo Zamperla (uncredited), Ezio Marano
  • Story: Mario Siciliano, Adriano Bolzoni, Kurt Nachman
  • Screenplay: Adriano Bolzoni
  • Cinematography: Gino Santini [Technicolor, Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Elvio Monti, Franco Zauli
  • Song: "Main Title" sung by Elvio Monti
  • Producer: Otto Retzer


Two conmen, posing as missionaries, are out to swindle the members of a church group in this slapstick western.


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