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'''Along the River''' (Italy [[:Category:2016|2016]] / Director: Daniele Nicolosi)
'''Along the River''' (Italy [[:Category:2016|2016]] / Director: Daniele Nicolosi)
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*'''Runtime:''' 27 min 25 s
*'''Runtime:''' 27 min 25 s
*'''Release Date:'''  
*'''Release Date:'''  

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Along the River (Italy 2016 / Director: Daniele Nicolosi)

  • Runtime: 27 min 25 s
  • Release Date:

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Franco Nero, Lorenzo Robino, Raffaele Musella, Fabio Zito, Ramon Branda, Riccardo Tursi, Deisy Romero Sanchez, Mike Vasquez
  • Writers: Giampaolo Galli, Daniele Nicolosi
  • Cinematography: Davis Alfano
  • Music: Marco Mancini
  • Editing: Denis Sabato
  • Producer:


"Along The River" is a western genre short film that follows the dramatic story of sheriff Frank De Ville. Commissioned by a cynical lawyer to investigate a murder case against a Navajo girl, the situation will take an unexpected turn when the sheriff will find out the involvement of his son.

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