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Apachen (East Germany 1973 / Director: Gottfried Kolditz)

Also known as

Punaisen veren huuto (Finland) | Apaches das Gesetz heisst Rach (Germany) | Apasii (Romania) | Apasi (Serbia) | Apaches (U.S.A.)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Gojko Mitic (Ulzana), Milan Beli (Johnson), Colea Rautu (Nana), Gerry Wolff (shopkeeper), Rolf Hoppe (Captain Brown/Burton), Leon Niemczyk (Ramon), Elsa Grube-Diester (Theresa), Fred Ludwig (Miguel), Fred Delmare (Doctor Klein), Hartmut Beer (Gleason), Elena Sereda (Ulzana's mother), Consuela Darie (Ulzana's aunt), Elena Albu (Ulzana's woman), Thomas Weisgerber (army commander), Fritz Mohr (sregeant), Pedro Heverstreit (sergeant), Horst Schön (Colonel Kearney), Werner Kanitz (Bagule), Dorel Iacobescu (Haskii), Florin Scaraltescu (Pedro), Lucian Iancu (Chico), Victor Marrodineanu (Juan), Ilena Ploscaru (José's woman), Sand Simionica (Juan José), Wilfried Zander (Morrie), Willi Schrade (Black Knife), Carmen María Strujac (Bagule's sister), Hermann Eckhardt (miner), Horst Kuhne (miner), Gert Hänsch (miner), Eckhardt Becker (miner), Peter Heiland (miner), Renate Blume Kaspar Eichel
  • Story: Gottfried Kolditz, Gojko Mitic
  • Screenplay: Gottfried Kolditz, Gojko Mitic
  • Dialogue: Hans-Joachim Wallstein
  • Cinematography: Helmut Bergmann [Orwocolor, Totalvision]
  • Music: Hans-Dieter Hosalla
  • Producer: Dorothea Hildebrandt


It's Mexico, 1846 and Johnson, an American sociologist, discovers a vast source of precious metals on a Membreno-Apache reservation. He decides to annex this territory to the US, then expel and exterminate the Indians. He also benefits personally as the US government is paying $100 for every scalp of a warrior, $50 per woman and $25 for a child. Only a few survive this massacre, one being the young warrior Ulzana, who is out to avenge his tribe.


  • Director Gottfried Kolditz wrote the script together with the leading actor Gojiko Mitic. They based it upon original documents and reconstructed the imagined atmosphere of the Mexican War (1846-1848) at its beginning. During this time small bands of American scouts were dispatched to Mexico to plot the conquest of targeted regions. These infiltrators also organized provocations and instigated conflicts in the name of different groups.
  • Apachen is one of fourteen DEFA "Indianerfilme" produced in Babelsberg between 1966 and 1985.


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