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Arriva Sabata!

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Arriva Sabata... (Spain, Italy 1970 / Director: Tulio Demicheli)

  • Runtime: 91 min
  • Release Date: 12.9.1970

Also known as

Sabata the Killer (U.S.A.) | Dollars to Die For (U.K.) | Viva Sabata | Arriva Garringo (Germany) | Galgenvögel sterben einsam (Germany) | Sabata der Killer (Germany) | Reza por tu alma... y muere (Spain) | Reza por tu alma... y muere (Spain) | Y muere ou los bandidos del ford (France) | Los bandidos del ford (France) | 1000 dolares por Sabata (Portugal) | Mitt namn ar Sabata | Dra först Sabata (Sweden) | Vedä aseesi Sabata! (Finland) | I sfagi arhise sto El Passo (Greece) | Vedä aseesi Sabata! (Finland) | I sfagi arhise sto El Passo (Greece) | Sabata Vadiler Hakimi (Turkey) | Arriva Sabata... prega per la tua anima (Italy)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Antonio de Teffe [as Anthony Steffen](John 'Sabata'), Peter Lee Lawrence (Peter), Eduardo Fajardo (Pancho Mangosta), Alfredo Mayo (Garfield), Rossana Rovere, María Villa (Patricia), Álvaro de Luna (Garfield henchman), Alfonso Rojas (sheriff)
  • Also with: Tito Garcia ('Little Brother' Fuller), Cris Huerta ('Big Brother' Fuller), Luis Induni (McKenzie), Lorenzo Robledo (deputy), Rafael Albaicín (José, Mangosta henchman), José Canalejas (Chango / Jumbo, Garfield lieutenant), Miguel Del Castillo (gambler), Joaquin Parra (Garfield henchman), Xan das Bolas (newspaperman), Alfonso de la Vega (Garfield henchman), Simón Arriaga (Garfield henchman), Adolfo Thous (gambler giving seat to Garfield), Emilio Rodriguez (villager instigating hanging), Guillermo Méndez (Mangosta henchman), José Riesgo (gambler), Rafael Vaquero (Garrett hitman), Ricardo Lilló (bank manager), Marisa Porcel (Manolita)
  • Story: Sigfredo Tumbu [as Nino Stressa]
  • Screenplay: Sigfredo Tumbu [as Nino Stressa], Florentino Soria, Tulio Demicheli
  • Cinematography: Aldi Ricci [Eastmancolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Marcello Giombini
  • Producers: Miguel Tudela, Salvatore Alabiso


Sabata and Mangosta are bank robbers, who after a bank job, through a series of events, end up teaming up with the bank clerk, Peter. They then go on the run with Peter's boss and a hired posse equipped with the latest technology in weapons on their trail.

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