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Bataille de San Sebastian, La/OST

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San Sebastian-CD.jpg

  • Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 9 Nr. 14 / Stereo
  • Composer: Ennio Morricone
  • 24-page color booklet with film stills, liner notes + track-by-track commentary
  • Limited to 3.000 copies


Track listing:

  1. Overture
  2. Prologue / The Chase
  3. Church Music / Sneaking Away
  4. The Long Trek
  5. The Assault
  6. The Bandits / Leon Tied / Bleeding Statue
  7. Love Theme From Guns For San Sebastian (Kinita's Plea)
  8. Restoring The Village
  9. Teclo Shamed / Surveying The Fields
  10. Building The Dam / Hymn For San Sebastian
  11. Leon Fights Teclo
  12. The Burning Village
  13. Love Theme From Guns For San Sebastian (Leon Tells His Love)
  14. Love Theme From Guns For San Sebastian (Leon Leaves Kinita)
  15. Music At The Governor's Dinner
  16. Army March / Yaqui Camp
  17. The White Stallion
  18. The Gift
  19. Gift Returned / Leon's Mass / The Attack
  20. The Villagers Prepare To Blow Up The Dam
  21. Teclo's Death / Victory
  22. End Title
  23. The Chase
  24. Love Theme From Guns For San Sebastian (Leon Tells His Love)